Work-Life-Balance: Top Companies Adopting This Concept

Women working photoIt is reported that the Work-Life balance in the United States had a 3.5 out of 5 rating in 2009 on a scale of “very satisfied” to “very dissatisfied” employees. It has since then kept decreasing, reaching a 3.2 rating in 2015. As we hope that the score climbs up in 2016, we look at the following aspects of the Work-Life balance:

What is the wok-life balance and why is it important?
On average, employees spend a third of their 24-hour clock investing their energy at work. To those 8 hours, add the amount of time it takes to prepare for work, commute and – in some cases – fulfil extra tasks outside office hours.
Unless you absolutely enjoy the work you do, this isn’t life!

What happens to your right to rest, recharge your batteries through quality vacations, take care of your health, your family and build your future retirement plans?
The concept of the work-life balance is vital to overcome stress as professionals and value our needs as human beings. The Cambridge Dictionary online defines the term this way:
“The ​amount of ​time you ​spend doing ​your ​job ​compared with the ​amount of ​time you ​spend with ​your ​family and doing things you ​enjoy.”

What are the best work-life balance jobs?
According to a research by American website Glassdoor  the 10 jobs that best accommodate the work-life balance concept are the following:
1. Data Scientist: 4.2 rating; $114,808 annual salary
2. SEO Manager: 4.1 rating; $45,720 annual salary
3. Talent Acquisition Specialist: 4.0 rating; $63,504 annual salary
4. Social Media Manager: 4.0 rating; $40,000 annual salary
5. Substitute Teacher: 3.9 rating; $24,380 annual salary
6. Recruiting Coordinator: 3.9 rating; $44,700 annual salary
7. User Experience Designer: 3.9 rating; $91,440 salary
8. Digital Marketing Manager: 3.9 rating; $70,052 annual salary
9. Marketing Assistant: 3.8 rating; $32,512 annual salary
10. Web Developer: 3.8 rating; $66,040 annual salary

In a similar ranking the Huffington Post had Hairstylist at number 6, Dietitian at number 8, Civil Engineer at 9 and Human Resources Manager at number 10.
What are the Top 10 companies promoting work-life balance?
As noted above, the Tech Industry offers the most satisfaction to employees while remuneration isn’t the only factor to measure that balance. Facebook, Google and Intel led the way in a 2015 survey conducted by finance researchers at the University of Kansas. Meanwhile, Amazon ranked at 190th among 993 companies in the U.S.
Researcher Felix Meschke commented: “Many institutions foster a culture that values hard work and high achievement. Amazon is not unique in that regard.”


Several employers now understand that a great work-life balance ends up benefitting the company’s productivity because happy employees perform better.

The adoption of this concept involves:
– Offering free meals to employees
– Offering lengthy parental leaves
– Offering on site massages
– Avoiding an overload of tasks (because even high salaries aren’t always enough to prevent overworked employees from “crying at their desk”).
In July 2015, Forbes released a list of the top 10 companies with a work-life balance:
1. Colgate-Palmolive
2. Wegman’s
3. Coldwell Banker
4. H&R Block
5. Google
6. Nokia
7. Philips
8. Johnson & Johnson
9. Walt Disney Company
10. Prudential

In 2016, expect many of the “best places to work at” to make the Top 10 work-life balance list.
In terms of growth, culture, training, flexibility and fun, Glassdoor has ranked AirBnB as the best place to work at this year, overtaking Google at the summit. Not surprising when AirBnB employees benefit from healthy bars inside the building, travel vouchers and much more as can be seen in this video:

The “Best places to work at in 2016” list includes Facebook at number 5, LinkedIn at number 6 and Google (again in the Top 10) at number 8.



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