Top 5 Best ways to Travel Affordably this Holiday


  1. Book your travel in advance?!? True, but untrue: Here is why. You can use name your price options and save up to 60% on one way or roundtrip flights that you book 24 to 48 hours prior to the flights departure. Priceline name your price offers competitive pricing and options in selecting departing airports ranking geographically all the airportst that are closest to your departing and arrival destinations. This can significantly save you time and money, not just on flights, but hotels, rentals, and ground transportation.


  1. Book your Hotel room on the Same Day of Arrival (Luxury Bargain Hunters): offers excellent pricing on the most lucrative hotels out there, from 5 star hotels like the Waldorf Astoria, St. Regis, Four Seasons Hotel to the Marriot, depending on your level of taste. The hotels are classified into 4 types: Luxury, Solid, Hip, and Basic. You can save 40-60% on hotels when you book on the same day you arrive at your travel destinations. In addition you can call in after your reservation to hotels to make specific accommodations requirements, for examples upgrades, complimentary breakfast upgrades, additional beds or suite options and much more.


St.Regis Hotel Penthouse
St.Regis Hotel Penthouse
  1. Spontaneity is welcomed in travel in 2014: So long to the days you have to plan ahead anymore to save on your travel expenses, in fact the later your wait the better options you have available. If you are a last minute person or like to plan ahead, check out They offer travel packages for vacations: roundtrip tickets, hotels, and ground transportation all under one affordable price per person.


  1. Don’t like hotels, that’s ok, stay in a condo or a rental property: Vacation rentals can save large size families of 4 or more and friends traveling in groups a ton of money at least 65% per person. The only sacrifices you have to give up are daily cleaning services or room services. However, you will find very attractive vacation rentals for extended stays fully furnished and very convient away from home amenities. These vacation rentals includes fully equipped with washer and dryers, kitchens with stove, ovens, dishwashers, large closets spaces and plenty of sleeping areas, both in the bedrooms and sofas and loveseats that converts into sleeping platforms. Our top 3 favorites: , , (Beware of false advertisements, here is scoop: if it seems too good to be true, chances it is).


Vacation rentals

  1. Become a member of a reservation company, accumulate points: They track your travel stays and the amount you spend on each travel and compensate you for it. You can use these points for room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, or get free night’s stay. Our top favorites: and

By: Denise Williams

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