Top 3 Qualities to Exhibit as a Team Player at Work

A team that values work ethics will always achieve much more than a group of skilled people working without synergy.

Indeed, positive vibes play a great role in the success of a team. While the manager is the main person responsible for driving the team forward, each member of the team must redefine accountability. To minimize your stress levels and exhibit a high level of work ethic as a team member, build upon the following qualities:

Punctuality & Reliability

Stick to your word and follow the rules of your team. Show up for your shifts on time. If you show up on time, you will not be obliged to sign off late. As long as you get your work done during your normal hours, staying late at work should not be a requirement. A good manager will not judge you based on how late you quit your desk, but how early you arrive. That said, arriving on time is key.

On top of that, being punctual will also help you draw a line between your role at work and your other duties and commitments in your personal schedule.

Punctuality also comes in handy in terms of your assignments and deadlines. Develop a habit of getting your tasks done on time and you will eventually increase your score as a reliable person within your group. Speaking about reliability, when you stumble over issues that prevent you from fulfilling the totality of your tasks at the end of a day, always offer your manager to make up for it. Be that kind of colleague that is committed to contributing in the success of the entire team. You will earn the respect of your colleagues and manager. Becoming a role model will naturally help your team achieve more and hence enhance the overall atmosphere.



It’s important to be accessible and approachable during your shifts at work. Your colleagues and manager need to know that you are around when you walk in. Greet them. If your team uses emails, instant messaging, or platforms such as Basecamp and Slack to communicate, remember to be responsive. It’s still okay to request to snooze notifications in order to focus on your tasks. The main point is to be the kind of colleague that is there when needed.

Meanwhile, there are instances when things can be out of your control and thus prevent you from getting a task fulfilled on time. In such moments, be quick to find a way to communicate with your team leader (and colleagues): notify them about your situation. Request for a deadline extension or allow your manager to resign the task if needed. It is important not to leave people wondering about your whereabouts or have them assume that a task of yours will be completed on time only to find out the opposite after the deadline has passed. Avoid the embarrassment of being questioned by sending notices first.


Gratitude and Encouragement

As Best-selling author, business and motivational speaker Ty Howard stated:

“Have the positive attitude, character, and work ethic that inspires and elevates the raw talent of others around you to new levels of achievement.”

As an employee, you seek appreciation from your team leader and employer. Now it’s time for you to give back! Say no to egos and the blame game. It’s easy to point someone’s fault. Instead, choose to encourage your colleagues when they achieve milestones. Crack a good joke. Send a genuine “thank you” note when one of your colleagues helps you complete a task that you had trouble fulfilling.

Such attitude will not only make you better as a person but also generate positive vibes within your team as your colleagues will return the favor. After all, we spend a major part of our days at the office – be it a real office or a virtual one. It is then important to create an energizing atmosphere. The good news is that this is in your control. Lift others up and let them lift you up as well in the name of teamwork and success!

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