How Managers Can Fuel Healthy Competition at Work

How managers can fuel healthy competition within their team at work?

It takes soft skills and leadership to build a team fueled by working together. As a manager, your company has targets. So how can you stir up your team members to make those targets?

It’s all about backing them to engage in a healthy competition for everyone’s benefit. In the first place, you must impose the following philosophy: compete – not against your fellow colleague – but against yourself for your own growth as an individual.

WM- ManagersHelp your team members get the best out of themselves through teamwork. Let teamwork be at the center of healthy competition. Here’s how:

Get to know each of your team members

You could be dealing with colleagues with different personalities and temperaments, and living in different conditions. As a manager, it is your duty to take all these various factors into consideration and develop empathy with every single member of your team. If you want competition within your team to be free of selfishness and jealousy, you must find each person’s strengths and build on those by assigning tasks in accordance with what they are best at. In a single statement: Connect with your team members emotionally but professionally. This will allow you to earn their trust in you. This is a vital part of building a positive energy within your team as a manager. This is why it pays to be a good listener.

Help them work on their weaknesses 

As a manager, you’re supposed to guide your team to meet specific goals laid out by the company. With that said, you must plant belief in the minds of each member by encouraging them. Let them know that the company’s targets achieved once each member fulfils their personal targets. Some colleagues may struggle with managing their time, others with communicating clearly. Identify their weaknesses and come up with tips to help them improve. No blame game. Only solutions.

Set up a system of public praises 

For employees, there is nothing more heartwarming than when your efforts are genuinely singled out and praised by your senior. Being the manager, notice personal progress and give public praise. Let praises be a routine. This would incite each member to seek praises from you. This is where healthy competition starts, after you’ve earned the trust of each team member through empathy.

Balance the praises if needed

It may occur that some members may not accomplish as many records as their colleagues, but not for the lack of trying. In such instances, be quick to single out their efforts and praise them for that. You do not want jealousy to settle in. In other words, trying but failing is as big an accomplishment as trying and achieving. Let everyone know that their efforts are valued. Don’t ever let a member fall into a state where they stop trying due to a feeling of rejection or lack of affection.

Remind every member to stick to work ethics

This means that the best performing team members must not become complacent or arrogant. Remind them to “earn their spot everyday”. It is your job as a manager to prove to those guys that there is still room for improvement. So while the best performing members strive to keep up their level, the less performing ones will want to catch up. The “earn your spot” slogan that I use to motivate my team at will actually motivate the less performing members into believing that they too can smash records and earn more praises. Above all, keep emphasizing on the importance of team work, congratulating each other for each achievement, and celebrating victories as a group while the main focus remains on reaching the company’s targets.

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