HR Explains What Many Job Applicants Don’t Know About – Getting Hired!

Photography by: Olu EletuREVEALED: Before you assume, the point in this article is not to “defend” those HRs you resent so much. On the contrary, this piece and the video below are meant to offer truthful explanations to all the unanswered questions that fuel your frustration as a job seeker who never hears back from headhunters.

It is a totally energy-consuming and depressing experience to apply for jobs everywhere and never get hired. Trust me, I know how this feels! Many job applicants go through this hell for over a year while they remain jobless or working at a place they want to quit as soon as possible.

They follow all the possible job tips offered on LinkedIn, attend webinars, conferences, job fairs and even pay to get access to premium job seeker benefits. To search for a job is in itself a job. The worst part? It doesn’t pay the bills. It’s a “try your luck” thing and not everyone “gets lucky”.

As a job applicant, you probably know the basics to attract the attention of Human Resource managers:
  • Analyze your areas of expertise
  • Target companies that would need your skills
  • Network in those areas
  • Customize your CV and cover letter for each job application
  • Follow-up with companies and HRs via mail, LinkedIn or Twitter

So what do you do when you’ve done all the above and still can’t generate favorable results? Naturally, frustration builds up and the number one enemies become the headhunters. You start asking yourself so many questions which include the following:

  • Am I not good enough to make your shortlist?
  • Why can’t you even reply to my tailored job application?
  • You must be a bad HR to have overlooked me, right?

More often than not, you end up fabricating answers to those interrogations. Sometimes, you may be right but chances are that those self-created answers all point at Human Resource managers being “the problem”. In the midst of your torment, one thing you sometimes fail to realize is the reality.
Meanwhile, put yourself in the shoes of an HR for a day and understand the background process. This will help you spend less time being angry and more time being hopeful, strategic and focused on the prize. And before you know it, the law of attraction will make things fall into place for you.

The Great Divide: Workplace Perceptions that Millennials Need to Rise Above To Get Hired

Remember, you are not the problem. Likewise, the HR managers are not necessarily demons blocking your career goals from happening. Don’t take it personal. Keep your head up and continue your job hunt, no matter how tiring it is.

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This is the advice that Angel Mehta, CEO of Sterling-Hoffman, shares in his video specially uploaded on Youtube for This 15-minute video, explaining what really happens after you submit a job application without receiving a single response, should be displayed by HRs on every job ad! Take a pen and paper, or your electronic device and take notes:

Running Off to Join the Workforce?

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