Creating Your Own Luck: Why You Should Value Advice

photo-1432462770865-65b70566d673I’ve come across struggling people who think motivational quotes – which have taken blogs and social media by storm since several years now – are boring, if not annoying. If you think as much, here’s how and why you should look at motivational messages differently for your own benefit.

I put a lot of importance in my career. When things go really wrong at work, I feel like my whole life is turning upside down. I get depressed and it’s natural although people around me hardly notice it when I fell into depression because I choose to keep things to myself – unless someone genuinely cares to lend me a hand or an ear.

There was a time when I was really stuck and actively looking for new career opportunities. I got in touch with a leading career woman, in view of expanding my networks. After some time without anything big coming out from that circle, I decided to explain my situation to this great person via private message.

Creating your own LUCKThat woman was Helene Lerner, CEO of Creative Expansions, Inc. and founder of

I was anxiously awaiting her response and when her much-awaited reply popped up as an email notification, I couldn’t wait to find out what she had written; a valuable contact or a job opening, maybe? That’s what I was hoping for but all that I received was those words:

“I suggest […] you plant seeds. You will go to that next level. Everything that happens to us is for our growth. Sometimes the timing is off, and I know for me it is an opportunity to practice patience.”

At first, I thought: “Is that all?”

I was distraught. Days, weeks and months passed. I went through more downs than ups. But Helene’s words resonated in my spirit and pushed me to meditate throughout those tough times. I never stopped looking for a breakthrough but I didn’t ignore what she told me at a time when I was so disturbed.

“One of the hardest things to do for go-getters stuck in a mess is the “Practice of Patience”. Mastering this skill proves that you have achieved three important things: Maturity through experience, Calmness through belief, and Power through self-control.” ~  Angela Asante’s Book of Quotes.

I forced myself to practice patience as I kept planting seeds everywhere. Trees do not grow overnight. I couldn’t allow myself to be overwhelmed.

“The moment you are going through a storm is the moment you absolutely have to calm down, meditate for a while, figure out which direction to go, and which action to take to get there. Don’t allow panic and fear to drown you. You are the captain of your ship, remember.” ~  in Angela Asante’s Book of Quotes.

Gradually, beautiful things started happening in ways I had not imagined. I do not believe in coincidence. I believe in positive energy and attraction to be at the right place at the right time and to “make my own luck”. Without really knowing it, I had actually joined’s group on LinkedIn at the right time.

It was there that a few months later Denise Ajayi-Williams, fellow member at and author of “Akiti The Hunter”, invited me to become a Guest Contributor on this very website which she founded 5 years ago.

“Dream big, work hard and keep believing. But sometimes, when things don’t happen as you’ve pictured it, it’s because life has something better in store for you, something that will lead you to your true destiny. Be a go-getter and do your maximum best to acquire every single thing you really want. But don’t obsess about the picture in your mind. Learn to be grateful and optimistic at the same time.” ~  in Angela Asante’s Book of Quotes.

Once again, as a follow up to my previous story about How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be Pragmatic, I would like to underline the importance of being teachable, understanding, accepting and believing in the power of motivational messages. I can attest to the following:

You create your own luck. You are no lesser  than that other person whose dreams are coming true. That well-paid job you want won’t just present itself to you. That healthy relationship or family bond you are hoping for won’t just become real without your efforts, care and love. That amazing life you have imagined won’t just happen no matter how often you dream about it. For each thing you want, you must go and fetch it. You must be willing to toil to make it happen and this will all depend on your attitude.

Do you want concrete answers to your inquiries? Start valuing simple advises and start practicing the simple things you claim you already know. Then you will be able to discern opportunities and grow in every aspect of your life because as long as you do not upgrade yourself internally, chances are that you will not become a very good decision maker to progress on the outside.

In many instances, what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people is the ability to value the smallest thing – things that many would ignore or wrongly reject – to make it bigger. It is also the discipline to learn from anyone and anything. Criticism, encouragement, shared ideas, challenging questions and situations will help you grow. Believe in the power of positive motivational messages. It works.

Be teachable. Those advices you ignored or rejected were perhaps the key to helping you realize where you stand, to recognize opportunities and understand the signs around you. You create your own luck because it is all in the mind. It is all about your thinking and your attitude. Invest your energy wisely and enjoy the blessings you will get in return.

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