Money Mind$et After Holiday Spending

I hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday season! Now that that you are done with your holiday spending, what’s next?

I know everyone spent lots of money for the holidays and as off as this may seem for me to say, take advantage of the phenomenal bargains to get a huge head start for the next holiday season! Only if your able to afford to, if not just concentrate on cleaning up your financial mess if you created one for this past holiday season.

Trying to recover from food comas, opening gifts, prating and paying down post-holiday debt from all the holiday spending sometimes tend to put strain on the head start with the New Year. You can get over the post-holiday blues.   Now you have to spend frugal and reduce your expenses.

shopping bags photoNow that don’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy the rest of the winter. You may need to get creative!

Try using coupons and price comparison shopping for your needs. Bring a certain amount of cash out so once it’s gone it means it’s time to go home. So make sure you prioritize your needs so if you run out of money you got what you really needed.

Chop down on your daily spending habits by carpooling to work, making coffee at home, bringing lunch to work, switch to reusable water bottles and doing your own nails instead of going to the nail salon. Those changes alone can save you up to or more than $5000 a year.

Access your overall financial situation, including your monthly budget, short-term and long-term goals. Make a list of your of all your debts, payment due dates, minimum payment amounts, interest rates and timeframe in which you would like to pay down your debt faster.

I know a lot of people get holiday bonuses and tax refunds, be sure to spend them wisely. Those are 2 large lump sums that can make a great dent on your debt. Don’t buy new things before paying off old debts. Don’t just look at this money as free money, use it for a boost towards a financially successful 2016.

Key’s Tips and Tricks

  1. Hide the credit cards.
  2. Pay down the credit cards balances with the highest interest rates first.
  3. Pay down the smallest balance so you can be relieved from debt sooner.
  4. Try to pay more than the minimum payment due.
  5. Put yourself on a financial diet until you catch up.

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