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Working Mom: What’s her Beauty Secret – Meet the Dream Team



Helen Owens overcame the challenge of hair loss as a child to become an empowerer of other women, helping them regain their self-esteem and personal power by returning them their crowning glory. A thirty-year-plus hair replacement veteran, she’s both a cheerleader and shoulder to lean on for every woman’s hair loss experience. Helen has worked with girls as young as 3 and 4 who don’t understand why their hair is so vastly different from others like them, to grown women who are losing their hair to stress, hormonal changes, or illness and can’t understand why the full head of hair that has helped define their femininity and personal strength is now suddenly leaving them.

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As an alopecia survivor, Helen has walked in the shoes of her clients, teaching women and girls to hold their heads high as she transforms them into the vision of themselves of which they’ve always dreamed. She is a part of helping women’s spirit triumph, changing women and girls from a state of unrest and unhappiness into butterflies who’ve just discovered their wings. Her achievements range from being a finalist in the race for the Bay Area’s Most Influential African-Americans to being named a Shining Star by a national publication. She has appeared on local and national TV, radio and news media as an expert on hair loss and as a leader in helping women who seek personal empowerment and enrichment. She has also had a variety of engagements with celebrities, ranging from Tony-Grammy-and-Oscar-winning actors/artists Cher and Jennifer Holliday, to musical powerhouses Izora Armstead and Olympic medalist Florence Griffith Joyner. Follow Helen on her website at (social media links are in the “Reach Helen Owens” section on the main page).



f2ea4028b4eaddc0d55dcfab1bfe713aTremiyya started her journey into the beauty industry at a very young age working on Photo Shoots and fashion shows while still in high school. During her senior year she decided this is exactly what she wanted to do and enrolled into Paris Beauty College where she obtained her California Esthetician license within 6 months all at the age of 18. After receiving her license Tremiyya began working for MAC cosmetics as a freelance/on call artist within a few short months she was promoted to a permeant artist. Months later then promoted into management. Tremiyya has traveled all over as a key artist for high level events and even selected for MACs Dream Team. As an in store trainer at MAC she was able to bring all the new trends and techniques back to her colleagues and clients. Tremiyya is one of the most requested artists here in the bay are and surrounding locations. She continues to make the world beautiful one person at a time.


unnamedCoco Chanel once famously expressed that “Fashion fades but only style remains the same.” Like Coco I believe that fashion and money have got nothing on style. I’ve been collecting, wearing and helping other people wear vintage for over 20 years.  I love to help people to feel their best and to do it in a way that’s sustainable for the planet and that celebrates the unique beauty of each person regardless of age, race, class or body type.


Wearing vintage clothing not only sets you apart by giving you the opportunity to wear something no one else will be wearing, it also saves resources.  Manufacturing just one new cotton t-shirt uses 700 to 2,000 gallons of water and a third of a pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
In addition to selling vintage clothing I offer a variety of services to help you look your most beautiful including photo styling and historical consultation.  I can advise you on personal style or help you to accurately express the zeitgeist a particular era.  My specialty is helping women over 40 to rediscover their unique style.  I also rent costumes for any occasion and host vintage parties.  At a loss for your next birthday party?  How about bringing a group of your best friends over to try on vintage and drink champagne?
I have been selling online at ebay since 1999 as theopiumden ( and on Facebook under the page Opium Den Vintage  (  Currently my online stores are on hiatus as I prepare to open my first brick and mortar store “Mother Lode” at 2507 San Pablo in Berkeley with my friend and business partner Christina Beach.
You can reach me via Facebook, email ( or phone (831) 295-1823.



IMG_39192complete is a fashion company that blossomed through an incredible bond planted in the hearts of 2 little girls. Portia and Shamia have been close friends since the age 2, hints the name “2complete”. This lifelong bond began at the nursery, trinkled throughout their childhood, well into their adulthood. Through their sister-like bond they have managed to combine their passions.“Stunning appearances” were always apart of Portia’s life story as a child she was never seen as anything less than a “little fashion icon”. She was destined to be great; born into a supportive family, raised by entrepreneurs, a strong minded creative mother, and an outgoing personable dad it was inevitable that she too would become an entrepreneur. Fashion was always intriguing to Portia even as a child but not in the way of magazines, it was her creative ability to look at something and see something else inside of it. This natural talent of insight of an outside source in creation is what connected her to the fashion world. This exceptional childhood talent combined with her keen eye to detail would leave most thinking ” Awe yes, a fashion designer!” however she will say “I’m not a designer, I just see the world we live inthrough fashion eyes”. Her inspirations derive from all objects: buildings, art, and the creation. While some would say I am fashion, Portia O’Meara says “I see fashion, therefore I am”, a true example of the old saying “you are what you eat.”

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Shamia came from humble beginnings it is the many colors in her life that first allowed her to tap into a creative writing zone. As a young child Shamia anticipated the moments when friends would gather in a circle and do what was known in the 90′s as “free-style” she enjoyed the intensity, it was then she first realized how much she enjoyed the play on words. By age 15 an imprint was made by a great teacher of hers “Mr. Powell” who was an Historian and encouraged the creative positive part of Shamia. “I remember the excitement I felt when listening to his enthusiastic lectures on history, it engrafted me I saw everything as he talked about it, as if I was there”. She soon found herself moving her seat from the back to the front. Shamia says while engaging in everyday conversations she always sees stories in her head while a person is talking. This ability to tap into the story of everyone she interacts with is why she is able to see Portia’s vision of how “2complete” clients and designs a Blueprint. She takes their story and Portia’s vision and gives their story happy fashionable endings. Together these 2 ladies tap into their special abilities to see things differently, to make you 2complete. Portia envisions what direction to go in to enhance your personal style and make you 2complete. Then Shamia combines the present with Portia’s vision and tells the story of why you now will be 2complete.

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“Let me take you there” Portia O’Meara

“We are here 2complete you” Shamia La’nae

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