2nd Grade Girls Reacts to “Normal Girl” Lammily Doll vs. Barbie Doll


A reporter takes the acclaimed  realistically proportioned  Doll also referred to as the “Normal Girl” or Lammily Doll to St. Edmunds Academy and surveyed amongst young 2nd grade boys and girls, in order to get their genuine reaction.  Check out their responses below.

When asked to described the Lammily Doll (Normal Doll)?

  • She is so Pretty
  • I like her a lot
  • She looks like my sister
  • She kind of looks like my Aunt Katie
  • Her Hair is Softer
  • She is not like other dolls I play with, she is really unique, I don’t have many dolls like this, she looks real
  • She looks like she is a regular girl, going to School

Retail Price for the Lammily Doll: $25.00
Purchase for the Holidays: www.Lammily.com


When asked what type of hobbies the Lammily Doll had?

  • Ice skating, Gymnastics, & Dance
  • I would make her run, and do Gymnastic
  • She can ride some toy horses

When asked about Lammily Doll’s Career:

  • Swimmer
  • Teacher
  • Pilot
  • Computers

When asked about Barbie Doll Career

  • Fashion Star
  • Make Up Artist
  • Model
  • Cook ( A Boy ‘s Response)

Which Doll looks most like you Lammily Doll vs. Barbie Doll?

  • LammilyAll the girls unanimously chose the Lammily Doll

When asked what was the difference between Lammily Doll vs. Barbie Doll:

  • The Lammily Doll is wider
  • The Lammily Doll is the perfect size
  • The Lammily Doll does not have a lot of make up on.
  • The Barbie Doll has really skinny arms and a tiny tiny waist
  • The Lammily Doll looks like she would help somebody if they get hurt.

When asked, which doll would they like for a present?

A Unanimous vote for the Lammily Doll

A Working-Mom’s Perspective:

Although we praise the Efforts of the Lammily Doll,  we believe the Barbie Doll company is getting an unfair review. The Barbie Doll empire as evolved from the traditional household dolls that were mostly found in the kitchen making a sandwich for the Ken Doll; while daydreaming in her Barbie Dream house with her pink convertible car parked outside.

My biggest question is does having a realistic doll limit or enhances the child’s imagination? I remember when I played with Dolls in my youth, it was my sweet escape. I did not want to think about my reality I wanted to create one where there was no limitations, and this world’s image issues did not exist nor the opinions of others.  I was not concerned with body sizes in fact the Barbie Doll in my opinion, was ergonomically correct, because it was miniature and fit in the palms of my hands and was easy to maneuver around.

But to discredit the Barbie Doll empire would mean that some individuals have not done an up-to-date research on their product pipeline. These Days Barbie Dolls are represented as CEOs, Doctors, Astronauts and Professional Athletes. With a catchy slogan to accompany the niche market of young aspiring girls ” If you can Dream it, you can BE it.


Which leaves my final question, which is more important to parents, raising girls that are career driven? Or raising daughters that have limited body image issues? Or both?

The simple answer here is, you cannot rely on dolls to raise your children, or to be the roll models in their lives. Whether slim or wide, whether career driven or not. Ultimately, knowledge is power, the more you educate your children from a young age, the better they will be able to think for themselves. Putting the powers in their hands, to decide for themselves who they identify with and who they want to become.

By: Denise Williams
Email Us: Admin@Workingmomin20s.com

Photo Credit: BarbieMedia.com
Photo Credit: Lammily.com

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