Millennials Hope For Black Lives Matter Movement in 2016

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In the American culture, during the end of each year people typically asses the progress of their goals and determine all the changes that will begin the first day of the following year. In theory, the purpose of this annual evaluation is to start the New Year off with a positive mindset in hopes for some progression or change.

This pattern can be considered a narcissistic social norm because in some cases most individuals don’t have enough discipline to follow through with their plans. If this is hard to believe, feel free to visit a gym in January and revisit the same gym in August. Most likely, there will be a huge difference in participation due to lack of discipline.

All jokes aside, what would happen if we redefined this social norm and instead of reflecting on one’s self, we reflect on a few of the unjust events that has triggered the response from Black Lives Matter Movement?


Top 5 Cities with most deaths in the United States in 2015:

  1. Los Angeles (20)
  2.  Houston (16)
  3. Las Vegas (11)
  4. Indianapolis (10)
  5. Phoenix (10)
See their faces of generations killed Daily: The Counted: People Killed by Police in the United States
Top 5 States with Highest Record of Police Killing in 2015 

Total killed: 207
Population: 38,802,500
Rank (per capita): 11 / 51
Rank (total): 1/51

Total killed: 108
Population: 26,956,958
Rank (per capita): 18 / 51
Rank (total): 2 / 51

Total killed: 70
Population: 19,893,297
Rank (per capita): 25 / 51
Rank (total): 3 / 51

Total killed: 43
Population: 6,731,484
Rank (per capita): 7 / 51
Rank (total): 4 / 51

Total killed: 38
Population: 3,878,051
Rank (per capita): 2 / 51
Rank (total): 5 / 51

The Black Lives Matter Movement, full of rage, testicular fortitude, and curiosity are the prime examples of how an organization led by millennials are relentless in their demands, and will not be forgotten in history. With numerous protest uprooted from across the United States to the rest of the world, people everywhere are no longer turning a blind eye to unjust killings of young black youths.

#BlackLivesMatter movement started in 2012 after the death of 17-year old Trayvons Martin. According to the site, The purpose of the movement is to create conversation and bring awareness to the many instances in which state violence results in the loss of a black person’s life or basic human rights are stripped by law enforcement.

Based on the events from throughout 2015, here are 3 hopes 2016 will bring for the Black lives matter movement.

#1 . Educate others on their rights:

mariowoodsOn December 2, 2015 26-year old Mario Woods was killed by five San Francisco Police officers with over 20 bullets. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Woods was armed with a knife and refused to drop the weapon.

#2. Use the power of social media to make more impact

sandra bland
On July 13, 2015 28 year old, Sandra Bland died in police custody in Waller County Texas. Her death was ruled a suicide which her family later challenged. The power of social media helped this generate nation wide awareness.

#3. Get more people active in local and national government:

black lives matter photo
Photo by KAZVorpal

November 27-30,2015 in Chicago IN, the Black Lives matters movement demonstrated organized power by boycotting Black Friday.

Based on the incidences from this past year, it is obvious that there is power in numbers. The presidency of Obama administration has demonstrated, that as the Black Lives Matter movement grows and achieve positions in higher statuses; change can be executed.

Black Lives Matter—#PHXtoFerguson Protest from Barton Robison on Vimeo.


It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” Assata Shakur


By: Angelisa Ross

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