Children’s Book Akiti The Hunter Hits Shelves as A Popular West African Tale is Transformed into Super Hero Book Series

Author Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams Debuts Children’s Book with a Powerful Message of Endurance and First Africa Super Hero
AKITI THE HUNTER, is a tale that features the first super hero of his kind. The first of a five book series introduces the world to a unique hero will be released just in time for the holidays. AKITI THE HUNTER, also known as King of the Forest within the beautifully illustrated children’s read, is challenging the traditional ways super heroes are portrayed and giving children a new character to admire and emulate.

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Akiti is the first developed action hero derived from African heritage, encouraging children from different backgrounds to read, and become acquainted with history and heritage. Folk tales carry meaning from culture to culture and generation to generation. Learning of them enables children to view life via a wider perspective and teaches early understanding, tolerance as well as the strong, yet simple messages to be learned behind said tales. This riveting tale in particular engages children with turn of every page as they become enchanted by Akiti’s self-determination and spirit and can be found at Barnes & Noble as a hard cover for $18.34.


“As a mother, I have passion and wish to make the world my children grow up in a little more positive.   I want to be instrumental and a resource in allowing the next generation to be great and believe in themselves like I believe in them.” Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, Author of AKITI THE HUNTER.

The superhero Akiti, is unlike any other super hero and differentiating abilities such mind reading, the ability to speak any language, communicate with animals, as well as him being immortal. The first installment of the five-part book series will captivate readers as they marvel in Akiti’s bravery, power, and self-confidence. There is now effort being made, to convert the tale of AKITI THE HUNTER into animated series, and possible an animation movie in the near future.

image“To my knowledge, there has never been an action hero from an African descent in any major motion animated picture, children’s book, or comic book. All of our children deserve to be represented in a positive light and I’m excited to fill that void.” Continues Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams. “There is much going on in the world where our current situations are begging us to release messages that are diverse. Children need to know no whatever they look like, they too, can be heroes; they can be legends, celebrated and immortalized just like AKITI THE HUNTER.”

About the Author:

As a mother and founder of Working Moms in 20s Organizations, Denise Ajayi-Williams is the author behind AKITI THE HUNTER. With hopes of a positive impression, Ajayi-Williams believe everyone should view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. Her mission is to rewrite history one page at time and this time, be the authors of our own legacy. Ajayi-Williams open a new channel to influence viewers around the world. For more information on Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, visit her organization website at http://workingmomin20s.com .


AKITI THE HUNTER ISBN Number is ISBN-13: 9781909302884.

Book Signing: Barnes & Nobles Dublin, CA

Book Signing: Barnes & Nobles, Harvard Coop – Cambridge, MA

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