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Co – Founder: Mr. Hayden Williams III

Working Moms In The 1920's Photo Shoot By

Working Moms In The 1920’s Photo Shoot By

Hayden Williams III is a Pre Medical student at the University of San Francisco. This is just the latest development in an already experienced and exciting life. He is a modern day renaissance man who blends biological and political theories to birth a new way of philosophy, which he calls the “Biolithical method.

Hailing from Charlotte, NC and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Hayden served in the United States Air Force after attending Morehouse College as a Psychology Major. While serving in the Air Force, he studied and became nationally certified as a radiologic technologist. After being honorably discharge from service, Hayden met and married the love of his life Denise Ajayi in San Francisco, CA. He began to practice radiology at world renown Bay Area Hospitals such as John Muir Medical Center and California Pacific Medical Center. Outside of work, Hayden is pioneering a new emerging sector in tele-medicine by founding Sky Clinic Connect, a new way of delivering portable medical services to patients sick and shut in.

Hayden has publicly spoken about a wide range of issues on radio, television, and as a keynote speaker at international medical conferences. Recently, he spoke on how Sky Clinic Connect will provide web-based solutions to global health crises at the “Yale University: Unite for Sight Conference”. He has received Congressional Award of Recognition from congresswoman Barbara Lee for his work with the Nigerian Community. He has also served as advisor to Chief Temitope Ajayi, the Nigerian American Ambassador of Goodwill  and founder of Nigerian American Agricultural Empowerment Program. Hayden was a feature on the ABC 7 SF news network on a televised special entitled: Road to Recovery: Solutions from the 99%”. His medical expertise was put on display in the documentary on medical emergency rooms in the Emmy Award nominated The Waiting Room”, directed Peter Nicks.

Hayden brings a very unique set of capabilities to the Working Mom in 20s organization by giving an opinion on the political and social events of the day. Utilizing his profound medical knowledge, he many times associates these events to biological theories in a hope to merge the philosophical and analytical mind in an easy and innovative format. Being a writer and co-owner of, Hayden presence brings a voice to men who positively support the equality between men and women socially within all facets of civilization.

Check out Hayden’s Latest Event: Guest Speaker at Frick Middle School 2015 Graduation.

Title: Life is a thesaurus not a dictionary


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Founder: Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams

Working Moms In The 1920's Photo Shoot By
Working Moms In The 1920’s Photo Shoot By

Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams is the Founder & Creative Director of Working mom in 20s. Author, of Best Selling Children’s Book, Akiti The Hunter, the 1st African Action Super Hero ever captured in Children’s book, now available at Barnes & Noble bookstores worldwide.

Denise Ajayi Williams is an MBA student at Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University San Francisco, CA. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, from University of California, Riverside in Economics Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing, and a Minor in Theatre Arts.

Occupationally, Denise has worked for State of California, Department of Public Health, and Bio-medical Device Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Non-Profit Healthcare organization. With over ten years of corporate experience under her belt. She is an outlier in her professional field, as she becomes use to the notion of always being the youngest African woman in the boardroom amongst seasoned professionals, majority of them men.

Denise, born in Nigeria, raised between London & America. Speaks four languages fluently, English, Spanish, Yoruba, and French. Denise is the youngest of 5 children. Migrating from Nigeria at the age of 10. Denise had a dream in her pocket, and number one on her to do list, go to Disneyland, and then take over the world.

Quite the ambition for the young immigrant child; as she watched closely while her single migrant of 5 children successfully raise she and her siblings into responsible adults in America, without any form government help or subsidized programs. Her mother taught her from adolescent, “You are better off working hard, than to ever beg or depend on anyone to give you a handout.”

At 14 years old, Denise’ weekends were spent with her mother, selling toys and an assortment of butterfly hair barrettes at the local flea market every Saturday & Sunday from 6am – 6pm to earn a living to support the family, and her older siblings college tuition. This experience was her very first lesson on business and entrepreneurship. How can you convert $500.00 worth of consumer goods, into a profitable $2,500.00.

Today at 30 years old, Denise is living her dreams as an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife to the two most amazing men a girl could ever pray for in the world.

Working Moms In The 1920's Photo Shoot By
Working Moms In The 1920’s Photo Shoot By

This world, which she cherishes so much, she shares through Working Mom in 20s. Her family is her greatest accomplishment to date and the memories and experiences they share gives so many other people hope and something to aspire for.

Check out Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams on one of her book signings to promote AKITI THE HUNTER

Visit: the movement of millennial women redefining the word feminist.


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