“What is your name?”

We sit down with Author of Between Worlds to get a synopsis of her short story. Victoria Okoye explains “Between Worlds” takes you on a journey of multiple roads. There’s Adaugo, a young native of the southern region of Nigeria in the early post-colonial era, who struggles not to fall love with her white master, Xavier. We are also introduced to another character in the short story named Ngozi, she is faced with struggles of modern-day Nigeria. Between Worlds takes a twist with the introduction of another character Nkechi, who brings the story together for the reader.

A captivating read, a story of love, hardship, perseverance, and choice.

“Her gaze rested on him. He saw the bewilderment in her eyes. She had finely shaped legs, her knuckles slender, with dirt clogged at the tip of her nails but what drew his curiosity was the color of her skin; it was like brown clay. Many of the Africans he met just had dark skin.”

“Xavier was still recovering from the weeks he had spent on the sea. He was able to settle in immediately he arrived at his front man made preparations for his arrival. He had toured the country before settling in the south. He loved it here. The mild and welcoming temperate here compared to the northern region of the country had won him over.”

“His maid couldn’t travel with him so he had to find help amongst the locals. He was shocked to see children who were barely eighteen presented to him as potential workers which he declined. He had a new set of applicants to choose from, three ladies and five men were standing before him. He would need a man’s hand to do his laundry and a woman to tend to his domestic needs.”

“How old is the brown lady?” he said, amused at himself. He couldn’t think of a better word to describe her radiating complexion.

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