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Remy Ma Just Ended Nicki Minaj’s Career in This Mouth Dropping Diss Record Shether


So what started the Beef?

According to Genius, the disagreements between Remy and Nicki originate in 2007, when Remy felt the opening bars of “Dirty Money” were directed at her. Remy went to her mixtape release party to question her intentions, but Minaj wouldn’t confirm or deny the bars were directed at her. In a 2010 prison interview Remy continued to hold this belief:

To this day I still feel like [the song] is a stab at me; I’m gonna [diss Minaj] back for that one. It’s cool, like, that’s what you do in rap … But why do I have to go at her? She’s not stopping me from being me.

Needless to say, the internet has gone wild with memes that we had to grab our top 5 funniest tweets.

Jokes aside, normally on WM Journal, we stay out of the twitter beef and pop culture wars. But I, the Editor-in-Chief wanted to use this opportunity to send a clear message to Nicki Minaj to humble herself. She is a self-proclaimed Queen, and like many crowns, it can be dethroned. She has been blessed with a platform to influence and empower young girls from around the world,  instead, she uses her platform for no good, selling sex to young teens instead of talent. So she got called out on said talent and lost miserably. There is no coming back from this loss either, that why it’s called #Shether. Uneasy lies the head the wear the crown. Hopefully, this will teach you a valuable lesson about fame.

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