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Trevor Noah Educates Tomi Lahren in Heated Debate on The Daily Show

Finally Someone to Put Her in Her Place

Trevor Noah, has always been a stand out comedian but his political point of view from an international stance accurately captures what many U.S. citizens have tried to communicate with mainstream media but have failed to do so miserably.

Trevor, maintained his position, without loosing his manners or being condescending to his guest, or political opponent Tomi Lahren. Lahren, 24 is infamously known for staring at the camera in an empty room, accruing a cult-like following on social media with over 3 million views on her videos consistently trending online. Lahren appearance on the Daily Show, put her on the spotlight to address some of her political topics that has been nothing less but repulsive. Lahren has repeatedly condemned the Black Lives Matter movement, Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to honor the national anthem, refugees and immigrant alike, her public endorsement for the Alt-Right movement and the now President Elect Donald Trump. Let’s just say she has ruffled a lot of feathers, and is popularly and unapologetic about her views.
Check out this video, with Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren
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