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Another Day, Another Premature Cancellation of a Kanye West Concert

Not Quite what you would expect from the rabble-rouser and self-proclaimed political rebel.

Back in 2005, he was recorded live on television next to Mike Meyers, indicating that the republican president at the time, George Bush did not care about ‘ black people’ . Fast-forward to 2016, Kanye West has managed to raise eyebrows again, from his notorious rants during his concert to the infamous microphone snatch from Taylor Swift at the MTV video music awards. America has taken time to forgive and accept him for his narcissistic ways until now. Another show cut short to fulfill his ego to for making headlines, a sound similarity to the President Elect Donald Trump. Whom he proclaimed, he would have voted for in recent elections.

We are not sure, if concert goers will be refunded for their time and money, but judging from this second antic, Kanye West does not seem to be pressed to impress his loyal fan base. Justifying the saying, “I miss the Old Kanye” and trust us, we do.

Minutes after the mic drop, the crowd in Sacramento, CA grew infuriated as the chanted ” Fuck You Kanye” and no we do not blame them. People used their hard-earned money to come and see their favorite rapper perform, after standing in line for hours to get in, and waiting for show to begin, then the rapper proceeds to rant for 20 minutes, drops mic and runs off the stage, quite the audacity and lack of respect for people.


Finally, we wonder what could have triggered this enrage Kanye West, his apparently upset with Beyoncé, and yes Jay Z too. And desperately awaiting a call from his old friend, Jay. Listen in as goes on… and on..


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