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Winning on Poshmark: How To Upgraded Your Wardrobe For FREE

When your business card reads ‘Style Consultant │ Personal Shopper │ Wardrobe Stylist’ you are expected to look the part—feeling the part is also important. But like the barber who usually needs a haircut and the custodian who needs a housekeeper, the stylist needed a makeover—a wardrobe makeover. After the changes my body experienced from pregnancy and nursing, coupled with minimal shopping after leaving Corporate America, my wardrobe was ill-fitting and out of date. And while the ‘AH HA!’ moment of implementing change was great, the finances for a wardrobe overhaul were non-existent.

When a good friend re-introduced me to the Poshmark app and told me how much she’d made from selling her clothes, I knew I had money hanging in my closets. Since I had been looking for ways to create residual income and revamp my closet with no budget, Poshmark was an excellent decision. Read on to learn how I upgraded my wardrobe staples without spending any money.

Build Your Closet & Sell Some Items

Take the time to list and sell items before you being purchasing. Understand this is not a shopping spree and it will take time to re-build your wardrobe. My closet was active for two months before I made my first purchase—which I ended up reselling for more money!

Tip: Take a look at some suggested users so you can see what makes their closets successful. You’ll find they have organized, on-trend items and they share a lot of other Posher’s listings, including their own.

Recruit New Poshers 

Each time you invite someone to join Poshmark, you earn a $5 credit to spend once they make their first purchase. Currently, new users earn $5 credit when they sign up, so it’s more of an incentive to invite your friends and family. More importantly, you’re earning free money to shop.


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Make Offers

My experience is that many sellers are willing to take 10-20% less than the price listed. When I’m feeling ballsy, I’ll offer half of the listed price in hopes of a good negotiation. Most of the items I have purchased have been 60-75%+ OFF the retail price and in excellent condition—if not new.

Tip: Don’t be offended if your offer is declined; some sellers are firm on their prices. You can usually find the same listing in another closet, especially if it’s a popular brand.

Know What You Need

Now that I have an active toddler—and my days of working in a corporate setting are behind me—my personal style aesthetic has changed. Nothing made that more clear then when I purged bags of unneeded and unused items from my closest. Working with a blank slate made it easier to know what staple items I needed.

Tip: Knowing the staple items you need for your wardrobe will keep you from making impulse purchases.

Don’t buy the first item you find 

Found that piece you’ve been looking for? GREAT! Don’t make an offer just yet.  When I decided to upgrade my black leather bag, I searched multiple closets for the same style and brand—I found it listed for different prices, in different conditions. ‘Liking’ multiple listings allows time to compare the price and condition of an item before making an offer.

Tip: When you ‘Like’ a listing, it is saved for future reference. You’ll likely find the same item in another seller’s closet—maybe even for a lower price.


The key to upgrading your wardrobe using Poshmark—without spending money out of your pocket—is to start with as many listings as you can and find a rhythm with selling. Know what’s trending and in season—more importantly, make your closet look like any other place you’d like to shop online. The more items you have listed, the more you’re likely to sell and the more you’re able to shop or save.


Need more guidance? Be sure to use my Poshmark closet as inspiration @meetthemosleys. Happy Poshing!


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