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Conscious awareness: Why you should mind your self-talk

Your number one conversation partner is yourself. Are your conversations made of repetitive nagging and desperate statements? If they are, think about it and read on.

The truth is that negativity can occur within each and every one of us. We all have very miserable or annoying reasons to be angry, anxious, disappointed and depressed on a day to day basis. We all have our problems to solve, responsibilities to fulfil and dreams to realize. Our world is moving fast and it’s easy to be trapped in a spiral of bad luck or stuck behind obstacles.

However, it’s a choice to stop fueling the logic of negativity (because negative thoughts do sound very logical, and very misleading). It’s a choice to destroy the limitations in our minds and it starts with our self-talk. If you find yourself constantly affirming that which you do not want, you are actually focusing on the bad. In other words, you are crowning your circumstances, and unwillingly bowing down to negativity. Remember this:

“’Impossible’ and ‘realistic’ are not facts. They are mere opinions. It’s up to you to support or discard those opinions. You have the right to develop a higher than average level of human consciousness for your greater good. Remember, your rooted belief system creates your reality.” – Angela Asante

It’s a choice given to us all to cultivate our inner spirit and upgrade our mental power. It all begins by realizing that if we’re not finding answers to our problems, maybe it’s time to shift our focus and change our approach to life. When we fix our mindset, we fix everything else. Do not ever think that your problems are greater than you or that you are not smart enough to solve your problems.

The late Candance Pert touched on this topic in many of her writings. She studied neuroscience, got herself a Ph.D. in pharmacology and left behind a number of findings – one of which she constructively explained in only two sentences:

“Creativity comes from the spiritual realm, the collective consciousness. And the mind is in a different real than the molecules of the brain. The brain is a receiver, not a source.”

Let’s picture our brain as a receiver. The negative talks inside our heads are on one station. We can vibrate at a higher frequency simply by tuning into our positive channel. Vibration starts with self-talk. What our inner voice repeats over and over again creates our reality. Our mind’s programs become of much better quality when we feed it with quality advice, information and affirmations. Researching, reading, watching and listening to quality and uplifting content are key for our mental diet.

We must dump egos or fears and allow open-mindedness to offer us the information, understanding and creativity we need, in order to find the keys to solve our matters. There is a reason why we have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. Watch more, listen more and talk less.

As we wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, it is important to tune into our positive channel. This casts away our fears and feeds our belief and faith. Repetition, repetition and even more repetition of positive affirmations. And suddenly, our perspective starts transforming.

In the words of Lebanese-born American author Kahlil Gibran:

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Such positive attitude opens doors we weren’t able to see when we were too busy fueling negativity and being blinded by it. We start being more grateful, living in the now while striving for a better future. We start generating energy that puts ourselves and everyone around us at ease. We create more friends because we’ve mastered the art of being our own best friend, in the first place.

Deciding to understand things, people and situations helps us expand our mind, grow and attract better things and people in our lives. Bury your doubts, increase your faith and watch your life shift into a whole new direction – a great direction!

When things finally start going right, those who have no clue of your personal battles may claim that you are “lucky” or that you naturally “suffer less” whereas the truth is that you create your own luck by re-wiring your brain and taking a positive approach to life, simply by controlling your self-talk.

Today, choose to be your most encouraging and loving talking partner. Today, choose to reject negativity as much as you can. Practice awareness of thoughts and be picky about this: select uplifting thoughts and imaginations only, discard horrific ones. Love your life all over again. The more love you pour into it, the more life will love you back!

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