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Top 5 Cost Effective Travel Tips to Live By

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#1. Fly International:

Airline prices are very high during the months of March and the first two weekends of April for domestic flights, because there are so many families that are determined to travel close or to some destination within the country. Prices tend to go up 200 percent due to the high demand.

On the other side, due to families getting worried about flying out of the country with the exception of Mexico and the Caribbean. Airlines are pricing very low for their destinations to South America and Europe. The other day American Airlines priced a flight from LAX to GRU (São Paulo) for $480.00! Athens was recently priced at 800.00 round trip! That’s way less expensive than flying to New York. Also the American currency is getting more powerful. Take advantage.

South America photo#2. Take Advantage of your awards:

As a travel industry insider; it’s better for you to use your miles out of the country than inside the United States. Most airlines know their demand way earlier than you do. Therefore, their forecasting on the availability of miles is always a common shock to the customer.

#3. Be flexible with your award travel:

The best way to get the best out of your mileage is to learn when the market isn’t in such high demand and finding areas to fly to where not many people want to go in spring! For example; South America! Remember people don’t like to fly into cold weather during their vacations unless there’s skiing involved. So take advantage.
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#4. Buy tickets and then upgrade:

This is one of the best kept secrets that many mileage member just now figuring out. Business and first class is considered the highest demand cabins in the airline industry. Majority of the time it isn’t that great to try to find upgrades so early on flights due to the industry wanting to know how their cabins are going to sell. Believe me; the airline industry is NOT going to just give up seats for such low miles and upgrades just because they are nice. Not going to happen. The best time when these seats open up to the public at a lower cost will be 24-72 hrs in advance. Always keep yourself listed for the upgrade as well. As soon as they are done with their purchase list then it’s time to bring it up for you to enjoy to rewards on being so patient. Remember some airlines such as American Airlines would like to ask for a $75 domestic/$350 international co-pay with a 15k domestic/25k international deduction. Have your miles and cash ready to go fly luxe.
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#5. Give the little guy a try:

 If you are all about giving small business owners a chance then look up such sites as Airbnb or Misterbnb for your stay. These sites are very welcoming allowing for people to enjoy their stay while feeling that they are staying with friends or love ones. The pricing for these spaces can go as low as $20.00 a night in some spots versus a big hotel chain. I tested the Airbnb theory and was very successful! Even made a few great friends out of it.
So for your next vacation always remember this! Find out your schedule early. Remember to travel against the high demand consensus. Be smart and open with your mileage. Lastly, if you have to cancel your flight most airlines give you a year from the date that you purchased your ticket to reuse it with a penalty placed on the ticket that was originally purchased; and there’s always a fee to return those miles back into the account. Have a great Spring Break!

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By: Nicholas Clements Lindsey
Contributor, WM

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