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From Stand Up Comedy to Entrepreneurship – Meet Atlanta’s own Mr. & Mrs. Tiger Gibson

WM: Would you please let everyone know a little about Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Gibson?

Mrs. Kaye Gibson: We’ve been married a little over a year an a half, I am professional in marketing and Tiger is a Comedian and travels with his improve classes and his also a preacher.

ThriftForaYear5WM: To my understanding Mrs. Kaye Gibson, your weight lost was what actually got you started in thrift business correct?

Mrs. Kaye Gibson: Yes! Over the past year I’ve lost over 100 lbs, and I knew I wanted to lose more so I started thrift shopping for a piece here and there, then I found an amazing piece for $1 or $2 and it lite that bug that started everything.

WM: Since you two have embarked on this journey, is there anything you would or would have change(d)?

ThriftForaYear3-WMMr. Tiger Gibson: We’ve saved significantly, however on the retail value of clothes, we’ve gotten several thousands of dollars in clothes. The one thing that I would have changed is my paradigm of thought towards thrift shopping.

WM: How can people follow, contact and join the “Team Gibson’s” and the 365-day Challenge?

Visit and find out more about our journey.

Check out the full interview below:


By: Kelli Webb
Entertainment Contributor, Workingmomin20s

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