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This is Why Millennials Are Hot

Millennial is a person reaching young adulthood the in the year 2000. Studies show that any person that was born in the 1980 till 2000. Are you a millennial? Millennial are the generation Y. Some refer them to the 80’s babies. They reject the lifestyles of their parents and posed to be the next best generation.

So this is why millennial is hot! Millennial are always willing to buy a product or service to support a cause they believe in, even if it means paying a bit more. Their direct buying power is estimated to be over a trillion dollars and have a huge influence on older generations. They are the most important customers your business will see.

Millennial are not just social media savvy they value the roles that the play in their communities, the success that they make at their jobs and are more likely to be entrepreneurs, they’re not haters they love more, not job hoppers they are even smarter about sex.

Now some may say that millennial are lazy and don’t want to work, the real is that they don’t want to work for anybody else they rather work for themselves and that actually means that they work more because being an entrepreneur is not easy. Millennial don’t look for comfort they look for challenge.

Millennial gets the job done. They have the tools and are resourceful. It’s usually their way or the highway.

Millenial Women-WM

Most millennial are adventures and take 3 to 4 overnight trips a year. Yes that means they have a lot more energy and are sparkly! They believe that they can do and get anything they want in life. Which in fact is a great thing since they go for it!

Some characteristics of millennial are: Motivated, Passionate and Spontaneous.

If you hire a millennial you are ahead of the game. You see millennial want to learn and they want to grow. Success mean a lot to them vs to the baby boomers. Their paycheck isn’t only important factor. They want to know that their actually needed and that they make a difference in the workplace.

Millennial are more genuine. They thrive on being judged by their performance and they respect those with experience than power. They think outside the box and they collaborate. They’re optimistic, they’re always looking on the bright side of things so that they will be able to make it in whatever ventures they take.

Millenial Men- WM

Millennial are taught to think that if something has been certain way for a very long time, there’s a possibility that it’s no longer good enough. Their constantly working against stagnation and towards new ways of though. That is what make the generation Y very flexible and used to change. They roll with the punches.

They’re ethical. They have to feel that their heart is in the right place. They strive to do the right thing and work towards greatness.

All of these are the reasons why millennial are hot!

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By: Shynna Key- The Financial Fanatic
Financial & Business Contributor, Workingmomin20s

Featured Image By: Brooke Cagle





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