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How to Get a Man in 10 Days

By now if you have not realized it, women are taking charge not only in the boardroom but in the their personal lives as well. So long to the days of worrying about a man cheating on you or seating around waiting for the one. With tools like Tinder, Match, and Social Media DMs (Direct Messages); people are finding love in different places.

We seat down with a group of relationship experts to explore this idea for the modest girl, who is still believes in the old traditional ways of being approached by the man for a date. These relationships experts offer basic tips to land Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now).

Tip #1: When you are going out with your friends, keep your crew light, less bodies equals less competition. Ideally one friend or more, is too much.

Tip #2: No chatty Kathy, if you are out on the prowl, remind your girls the reason you are out. There is a big difference between “girls night out”, and “girl, I need to find me a man, night”.

Tip #3: If you’re in the crowd, guys will look away because they cannot make you out individually. Again travel lightly. How can you meet the man of your dreams, if he can’t find you in the midst of your six girlfriends. Give yourself room to stand out of the crowd.

Tip #4: A woman should never be afraid to flirt with a guy they like at the club or where ever. Men are not looking for the wall flower anymore. They are looking for the woman that knows what she wants, and knows just how to get it. So take charge but don’t be too aggressive, and know when to ease off the guy if she shows little to no interest.

Tip #5: It would be wise to know that in the age of social media, you may not be the only girl his dealing with. Knowing this, keep your “emotions” in check, do not be so eager to discuss the future of your wedding and plans for kids on the 1 st, 2nd, or 3rd date. In fact, do not bring it up until he does. Yes it good to be assertive, but be with a man because you enjoy him, not because you see him as the one.

Tip #6: Once you land a date, try to be yourself, and not put up a front. Dress down, and leave the slacks at home. Come as you are, the less your hiding, the less you have to explain in the future. Be the girl he wants to take around his friend. And be the girl, that does not take forever and a day to get ready to go to the grocery store.

Tip #7: Laugh at his jokes, in fact make him feel like the funniest man on earth. And more importantly, treat him how you would like to be treated. Slowly but surely, you just might win him over.

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If you’re new to the flirting game, here are some useful tactics you can explore:

  • Compliment something about the guy.
  • Remember men are not picky, if you pick them, they won’t reject you.
  • Men don’t discrimate on body type of skin complexion, it is not about what you look like, it’s about what draws the men’s attention to you.  It could be your smile, your bubbly personality, or your confidence and the way you command the room.
  • Worst case scenario if you need a conversation starter, lie about knowing him from somewhere. This always works!
  • Men have game, and women should have game too, so corny pick up lines are just as effective. Men are born by women, therefore they want to be swept off their feet with cheesy pickup lines too. They are emotional creatures just like women are, and they get butterflies, and in some cases, they blush too.
  • In the game of women equality, women should approach men, and flirt with a guy. Even the playing field from day 1, they will respect you for the entirety of your relationship. So take the lead and stay ahead! This is what BOSSES do!
  • Forget what you have learned about the gender role classification of who should take the lead on the date. If want something, you better go for it! Or someone else will. The choice is yours, remain single forever, or build up some confidence, and go get him!

There you have it, give yourself and your girlfriends the 10 days challenge, and apply these dating rules. If it does not work out, that means you are not trying hard enough. If it does, we would love to hear from you.

If all else fails, we recommend reading these books:









By: Tiffany Jakande
Relationship & Dating Expert, Workingmomin20s

Feature Image By: Nathan Walker

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