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Kim Kardashian, Thanks for the Essay but We Don’t Care

Kim Kardashian issued out a statement recently defending her recent nude tweets. Sadly the internet world; (‘fake’) all that be digital and psychedelic universe. Where information filter free, took-over and duplicated her message in every major publication in the United States and Beyond. From Times Magazine, to Cosmopolitan, and Page Six the heart of New York’s filthy news everyone had to share.

We get it, you just had a baby and you wanted to have your Titanic moment with Jack at the edge of the ship. Spreading your censored wings and flying through any backlash that may result in your ability to gesture your liberation. Trust me I completely understand. I have those same moment about my beautiful chocolate body, and how sensual my female body parts are perfectly arched. I have those same moments in front of my walk in closet mirror in my ‘bedroom’ singing my favorite melodies and dancing to the music playing in my head. Like I said, I totally get it. The difference between you and me, is that I do it in private, and no one knows about it, until now. Not because I am ashamed or I am insecure, but because, God gave me those things personally, for me to enjoy to myself, and share with a mate that deems himself worthy for loving me to eternity. In this case, my husband Mr. Hayden Williams III.

Kim Kardashian photo
Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Back to you, I hear a 21-year-old girl, who is still screaming of embarrassment from a video that was recorded by a man who you thought was going to be with you for eternity, instead he exploited your innocence without your consent, and like faith would have it, the secret private moment you once had, was exposed to the world. So now you are mentally corrupted to repeat those same traits and continue to exploit yourself, over and over again.

The West FamilyBut, Kim my dear, you have so much more to be thankful than just your body. You have a beautiful daughter and an amazing son and husband who will love you unconditionally irrespective of any flaws that may exist beyond your body parts.

Anatomically they are just body parts at the end of the day. Celebrating them is ideally  meaningless because every female gender anatomically has the same exact thing.

Finally, I hope I helped you, because you have helped me. I am not as bold and confident in revealing how I truly feel as a journalist, but in this instance, representing myself as speaker for all the Working Moms in the world, I extend my heart and pure love for you, and in support of you, in hopes that you learn to celebrate all your glorious blessing as a human being, and not an anatomic role model.



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  • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

    Who’s this “we”?…. The author cared enough to write her OWN essay about it, and millions (possibly) cared enough to put their own 2 cents in…. Click-baitey title.

    But also, why does self exploitation have to be a bad thing? Is it not normal to self exploit, and profit from, every other trait that you’re proud of?.. Whether it be your intelligence, personality, talent, family, or even every day life?…. So why is it a problem when one chooses to exploit their own BODIES? It doesn’t have to mean that something’s mentally wrong with them. They could very well just be feeling themselves in the moment, and want to show off. Big whoop. Worry about NONconsensual sexual exploitation.

    • Mrs. Denise Williams

      Emily Robinson,
      Nice to e-meet you, and thank you for taking time to read my column. It brings me ultimate joy.

      My love, I wonder if someone is writing you a check, because the way you dissected my heading was absolute brilliance, and deserves a compensated honor to say the least.

      Secondly, to answer your question about self exploitation “have to be a bad thing?” if you disagree, you are consenting to the notion that body ligaments, and human parts should be sparse out to universe for sale on eBay or

      It does not make scientific sense, and no I am not a science major or neurologist. Its basic common sense human body itself is not for sale. People’s body and minds belongs to their own selves. Human life and being is not for sale.

      Mental illness is serious issue in general. People suffer psychological trauma and they can be forever scorned or mentally armed by an event. This family, has been through a lot of traumatic situation from origin and introduction to cruel, unkind, unforgiving entertainment universe. Kim cries out for attention, trying to own satisfaction from either positive or negative energy, as long as the world is feeding her lust for fame and fortune, she will engage in self-devaluation.

      Finally my love, I challenge you to submit to us an article on ‘sexual exploitation’ and we would love nothing more but to publish your point of view. Email

      Again, thank you for dropping by.


      • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

        Thanks… I guess.

        I’m talking about superficial exploitation (sexual at the end, just to contrast the fact that it was her choice this time, and that we should be finding nonconsensual/malicious sexual exploitation more appalling than any consensual act [especially when the subject’s also the publisher]). Literally selling body parts, is a whole different ballgame. For one, because it’s a crime.

        I believe your general assessment of her to be true. She’s obviously struggled between her conditioning telling her that she’s only as good as her body looks, and being traumatized by the tape incident. I remember an episode in which she throws a monumental fit, when a magazine intends to show more of her than she expected it too. She even likened it to the tape incident. It was very disturbing. Especially knowing that the man was essentially ignored, while she’s been branded for life, and knows it. That’s probably why I’d rather she show this unapologetic pride in her body, than be brought back to that place of feeling helplessly violated. That’s why I’m happy to see her in a place of poking fun at herself, and capitalizing off the caricature people see her as. Because she’s annoying the people who WANT her to be ashamed, and insecure.

        I don’t think that her body’s the issue, but rather the reaction to it HIGHLIGHTS the issues of society: People getting surgeries to look like her; people obsessing over, and paying for all her exploits; hateful people making whatever she does into a problem; young girls (like her sisters) being more motivated to be whatever’s aesthetically “ideal”, than they are to be intellectuals. I think THOSE people’s mental states should be of more concern than Kim’s, for prospering after, and somewhat FROM a traumatic event. No, it doesn’t reflect well on her that she perpetuates some of those people having those types of mentalities, for the sake of stirring up more conversation, and thus, profit for herself, as opposed to speaking out against the unintended, but damaging consequences. But she’s just a side-effect herself; doing as she does, not the disease, so she doesn’t have to be the one responsible for the cure.

        I’m just an 18 year old, who’s being debating too much on Youtube, since about age 11. I don’t do good with pressure. I get anxious, overthink things, and typically, ultimately give up. That’s the primary reason I didn’t even graduate high school. Even you just asking me to submit an article on sexual exploitation, made me spend more time on typing this comment than I should have, and type more in quantity than necessary. I’d love to do something, and maybe I still will. I just felt compelled to overshare a bit about myself first, as a sort of disclaimer.

      • Mrs. Denise Williams

        I am in disbelief, that you are so young and passionate about the Kardashians all the same. Your energy is best used finishing your educational journey, and exploring the journalism lifestyle, your a natural and reflects true journalism at its finest. I am still awaiting your email if your still interested.

        Moreover, I understand your point of view, but the bottom line is my positioning is strategic at the end of the day. If I am fighting daily to help young women and men accept beauty from a mental capacity, it takes me back 5 years every single time when an influential woman degrades the #WomanRace by stooping so low for publicity.

      • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

        I’m passionate about issues concerning sex, and body positivity in general. I don’t follow the Kardashians on social media (but I can’t help when everyone’s talking about them, and they’re trending), I don’t buy any of their products, or promotions, and have only watched the first few seasons of their show (a few random ones, when I’m bored). The issue’s bigger than her particular circumstance. You can’t control what other women do with their bodies. What you can control, is how you, yourself inspire women. Putting other women down, for things that shouldn’t be controversial, is counterproductive.

      • Mrs. Denise Williams

        Emily, the fact that you think that me calling Kim out for her behavior is putting women down is alarming to me. And that is exactly what is wrong with this generation. In your small inexperienced 18 year old mind, you cannot distinguish that a woman (wife and mother of two) posing nude pictures in her influential role is “putting down women” all around the world.

        I am glad that you are passionate about topics beyond the Kardashians, which is why I challenged you to come on board to discuss the topic of child trafficking and whatever else.

        But you are insistent upon proving to me, a 30 year old experienced journalist, that Kim K should be overlooked for her actions. I think not.

        Which is why I suggested you return to school and complete your Diploma and perhaps a college degree, because you have a lot to learn about the world. When you walk into a corporate boardroom, no one gives a damn if you have boobs or a big ass, they are solely judging you on your mental capacity. If we are giving young girls in the world the impression, that getting a million likes on your Instagram picture will put a roof over your head, and give you self-dignity then we are doing a disservice to the WomanRace.

        The fight for women goes beyond posing nudes, like Kim if you have the power and influence to have every major publication talking about you- then you should use your power for good. But, Enough is enough. And no matter how much I waste my precious time, typing you back and forth in trying to convince you, I am not making headway.

        Further leading me to believe, that you might just be a sheep at the end of the day. If you can open your eyes young love, and think outside of everything that the Kardashian Clan has taught you, and be recognizance that selling sex when your a parent and wife, is a complete disgrace to your family and utter failure.

      • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

        So a woman deciding for herself, to exploit her own body, under her own terms is “putting down women all around the world”, and I have a “small”, “inexperienced” brain, but you want to hear more from me?….. Good talk.

        I didn’t even say that everybody SHOULD emulate her. My point is that she’s not the problem. People’s inclined reactions to her is the problem. She may prosper as a RESULT of the reactions. But her changing her lifestyle choices, won’t solve a thing. It’s not going to stop people (women in particular) from having a sheep mentality, and buying whatever the next popular person’s selling. It won’t prevent the next girl, who’s motivated to use her sex appeal to prosper, from prospering. If you want to prevent those things, you should prevent what enables it. It starts on an individual basis. It starts with people not freaking out over a naked body. It starts with teaching girls to love themselves as individuals, not to be shallow, and work on prospering in whatever field they find their passion in. Teaching them that superficial envy is petty. It starts with teaching both boys, and girls to respect eachother’s bodies, no matter what they look like.

        I now see that you’re just patronizing, (whether intentional, or not) and think of me as a “sheep”, because of your own apparent preconceived notions about people my age. You can grandstand all you want to. I’ll continue to think for myself.

      • Mrs. Denise Williams

        Kim Kardashian, makes phenomenal profit from little young girls and boys from app downloadS, make up, fashion, viewership and product endorsements. If she is taking and collecting from the families of these young adoring fans, she is in return, obligated through her social responsibility in rendering herself, and her brand as a service to the community – BY USING HER POWER TO EMPOWER AND ENLIGHTEN the next generation of #Women and #Men. If you are voted Queen, respect the homes of families, who have the responsibility of raising self-respected #women and #men -who do not have to flash a nipple or their genitals to make an income. (( I really hope that you understand as humans, that is lowest form of occupation – selling your body parts is the only job on earth that does not require the use of your BRAIN CELLS???)) There is a quotes I read some, saying, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” . Fulfill your role and mission in society by giving back to the future generations to come. Whether she agrees or disagrees, she owes it as a mother, wife, and woman to carry herself with dignity and self-respect.