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Top 5 Ways To Wear Natural Hair in Corporate America


Five years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find an article or video on natural hair—let alone products made specifically for the different textures of African American tresses. Now, whether you’re transitioning, have done the big chop and are starting your natural hair journey—or if you’ve always been natural, there are tons of resources for naturalistas today.

When some women made the decision to rid their hair regimen of chemical relaxers, many found themselves lost on how to style their natural curls. And because resources were limited, a lot of people decided to go back to wearing relaxed hair. For those who stuck through the process of, perhaps, growing out a teenie weenie afro (TWA), as the years progressed, so did a community of women who made the commitment to embrace their natural hair.

Many women have found that wearing their hair naturally allows them to be more versatile with styling versus relaxed hair, and the possibilities are endless. Are you looking for the next perfect hair style? Here are five go-to natural hair styles that are perfect for work or wherever your day may take you.

Wash n’ Go
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Flat Twists
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Braid Out
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High Bun
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Halo Braid
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A quick internet search for any of these styles will provide an endless amount of photos and video tutorials. And no matter your hair type—small, tight curls or loose spirals—there exist the perfect product and style for you. And remember, all products are not created equal; what works for your friend may not be best for your hair. So be prepared to invest in quality products, spend time learning your curls and have fun!


By: Amber Aaron
Founding Partners of Mogul Mommies

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