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Were You Dateless on Valentine’s Day? So What, Hope You Celebrated Yourself!

Is there anything worse than taking a walk on a beautiful afternoon and an aroma of something savory and delicious overpowers the air? To makes matters worse, the money needed to fulfill this craving is out of reach or nonexistent. We’ve all been there; hungry and flat broke. At least it’s not worse than being dateless on Valentine’s Day. (We all know good food is much better than a date) Even though V-day may or may not capitalize and dramatize the idea of love, no one wants to feel left out. No potential date or plans to go out? No Problem. Ignore those love birds holding hands, and check out these alternative ways to celebrate your amazing self on Valentine’s Day with or without friends.

Celebrate yourself

If you’re dateless in your city, this is awesome! There will be no restriction, stress, and essentially worries. First things first, get dressed and look your absolute best with these stunning looks. Dateless doesn’t mean hopeless. A mid-day matinée is a great idea. Marvel’s new super hero movie, “Deadpool” will be in theaters this weekend. It might sounds strange to sit in a dark movie theater alone, but think about how tranquil that can be. No phone calls, emails, or lovely social media spam.

Revisit life Goals 

Bucket list anyone? We all have a list of things that we really want to do before it’s too late. V-Day is a great day to start. From learning a new language to sky diving, make real plans this weekend. There are a bunch of resources online to help you start a new journey. If you are interested in creating a new look start by connecting to current fashion trends. Scheduling an appointment or consultation with a hair or wardrobe stylist is also a great way to start. The goal is to get the ball rolling.


Find a Peace of Mind 

Take a walk or a hike around the neighborhood. Some say the fresh air or change of atmosphere can positively affect moods. Be sure to think about all reasons why you’re amazing. Later in the day, order or make desired appetizers and drinks to create a tapas bar experience. It doesn’t matter if the kids are running all over and messing up the house, or your Mom is nagging about you finding the one, or if your roommate is in the next room with their special friend, dedicate this time to indulge in yummy treats. Pop in a suspenseful movie, listen to music, or read a book to close your mental vacation.

Pay it Forward

Another great way to spend this Valentine’s Day is to pay it forward. Spread the love throughout the neighborhood. It’s really easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the day. For some people it could negatively influence their moods. They could be suffering from the anniversary effect, or they had a bad week. A simple smile, coffee, or exchange of kind words with a complete stranger,  can go a long way.

date with kidsA Date with Kids 

If you and your friends have the opportunity to hang out with kiddos this V- Day it’s going to be a blast. Don’t forget how important it is to build relationships with children. This is the perfect opportunity to let those little rugrats know how important they are by hosting an activity day. If you are feeling really creative you can add activities that will increase fine motor and academic skills. You can find a bunch of activities online or create your own. Hula hoops, jump ropes, and art projects are all great ways to entertain a younger guest. As long as your activities are highly reinforcing, feel free to incorporate a reward system schedule where the kids work for fun time. An example of this schedule could be activities that encourage the kids to help out like cleaning their rooms, taking out the trash,  or just putting their toys away. Here’s a tip, suggest a long movie after a physical activity. This might tire the little cubs out which will offer free time for the adults. These 5 ideas are all a great ways to spend this Valentine’s day the most important thing to remember is to celebrate yourself by looking and feeling your very best.

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By: Angelisa Ross

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