If America Elects the 1st Woman Commander in Chief, Should Women be Required to Sign Up for the Draft?

I believe that women should be required to register for the military in the event the draft is reopened for citizens of the United States. Gender equality in the U.S has been a movement for decades in this country, dating all the way back to women suffrage 1920s. How could America champion equality for all citizens if we treat women and men differently when it comes to the defense of our nation? In 2016, we are poised to elect the first woman commander in chief with the possible presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton. Not only must women be included in any military draft, but also it is important from a moral and cultural standpoint that America remains at the forefront of equality.

Hillary Clinton
Photo by US Embassy New Zealand

Militarism, which is the honor and value the citizens of a nation places on its military, is of the upmost importance in terms of national defense. Women have been at the forefront of supporting our troops. Women replaced men in the World Wars as workers in the factories as well as the heads of the household. In this day of age, gender discrimination has no place within the work place or the military. There are numerous bills and legislation passed to enforce gender equality for all citizens. To make it as if women did not have to put there lives on the line for there country as all men would be required to do, would be taking major steps backwards towards inequality. Now that the military has opened all roles within its ranks for women, not including them in a national draft would make this bold statement seem as a joke. The backlash would be against our military, which could decrease citizen’s approval of military operations and its leaders.

From a militarization perspective, women in the military are absolutely necessary. Although the enemy on the battlefield has changed, it is important that America shows that we possess not only a technological superior armed forces, capable of operating in multiple theaters globally, but we must show that women are just as ready to be the point of the spear. Our military might is well established throughout the world. However, the face of the enemy has become unrecognizable and in the Middle East, women are already at the forefront of battling terrorist such as ISIS. Military might is more than just fighting however. Logistics support, intelligence, medicine, law, and many other non-traditional fighting positions are needed. Without women included in the ranks, we risk not being able to fight on all fronts at maximum strength.


Lastly, from a nationalism perspective, there is nothing more honorable than serving in the military. I know this because I served in the US Air Force. Women being included in the draft will raise the support levels for the military by all. If America wants to continue to promote equality, as has been the status quo recently, defense of its borders cannot be a left out. To be a citizen, you should be required to participate in all aspects of American life, not just voting. We have made marriage available to all regardless of sexual preference. We have made voting available to all regardless of color. To not make the draft available to both women and men would be a great dishonor to all those who paid the price to march America towards equality.


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By: Hayden Williams III
Co-Founder of Workingmomin20s.com
Email: Info@Workingmomin20s.com

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