5 Days – 5 Corporate Looks You Should Know About

yellow skirt
Monday: Yellow Pencil Skirt, with round hemming and mini slit, paired with share pink cotton button-up dress shirt for Her.
white suit
Tuesday – All white from head-to-toe. Tailored All white suit, with Gold accented buttons and dark shades. Completes the look.
Looking For Chocolate
Wednesday – Hump Day! Chocolate tailored over coat, sleeveless paired with a suit dress. Statement necklace to match statement hat. She completes the look, with chocolate loafers comfortable yet chic.
All White waitng
Thursday is Friday’s Eve. She is in a cotton blouse, with fitted white slacks. Accessorizing with, a tan fedora hat, big gold bangles and hoop earring, and a waist belt.
blackandwhite suite
Friday – TGIF – Right after your last meeting, head over to happy hour. White Pencil skirt, black short gloves, Hermes bag, and sweetheart black blouse, with a jet black blazer.

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