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Buy Nothing New Month! Give & Save Instead

As we say goodbye to one month and hello to another, let’s make this a Buy Nothing New Month! So take on the challenge of not buying anything new except for needs. By taking on this challenge it will strengthen and precondition you mindset into preserving your income. Some people fast from food, take this month to fast from buying something new. So curb your unnecessary spending habit. Unnecessary spending can have a lasting effect on your personal finances and even create friction in many relationships. The Solution is gives back to the world, when the world is at its most purest stage of need.

  • Find County Food Banks in Your Community – Donate $$ Give Back versus Buy Back Old Items ! 
    • Alameda County Food Banks in the Bay Area is an excellent example non-profit organization that actively feeds so many families especially during the holiday seasons. Find Out How You Can Help:
  • Your Community Church – is a Great Place to Donate $$ Give Back versus Buy! 
  • School in Your community Need Your Help, Donate Classroom Materials or $$ Give Back versus Buy
  • The American Red Cross Can Put Your Donation $$ To Good Use
  • Donate $$ towards find a cause for Brest Cancer right after Pinktober 


We all buy stuff that we feel we really want until we get it and discover, we really did not need it.  Then buyers remorse kicks in, when your inner voice of reason kicks in and says, I could have waited till it went on sale. It is a frustrating living check-to-check because you cannot keep a handle over your personal finances. Regardless of the economy or how much money you make, wise spending should be a Priority.

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘peer-pressure’ as a child? I’m sure you have. But as an adult you can fall a prey to peer-pressure from colleagues, friends, believe it or not. I’m sure you find yourself often surrounded by people who are always gloating about their new possessions. Other shopping experts are accustomed to standing in long lines on BLACK FRIDAY to buy the latest and greatest tech gadget. In your work environment, you see colleagues going out to eat, shopping at very expensive clothing and shoe stores. It’s okay to go against the crowd, especially when it comes to smart finances.

“Survey yourself, Are you an impulse buyer?” Do you spend your check before you actually get it in your hand? If so, break yourself from these habits. To help you on these bad habits think about what you want or think you might need overnight, pretend that you can’t afford it and only buy things that improve your life.

  • “Just think of it like this, if money could buy you happiness, you won’t get enough bang for your buck. When nothing is new, nothings is expensive.”
  • It’s easier than you think. This can be done.
  • Here is a tip: Share your challenge with family & friends.
  • If you’re used to retail therapy then find a friend you can call if you’re about to hit the shops.

Find an accountability buddy; someone who will tell you to NOT buy things, if you query them about your interest to do so. When you announce your intentions publicly, you are more likely to take it more seriously because you have people paying close attention to you; you’re not just accountable to yourself but to the people you have told. By going public you will inspire others to take on the challenge as well, not to mention how much extra money you save and can tally up at the end of the month. You just might get so excited that you may decide to take on the challenge more often on your own.


Photography By: Jez Timms

Once Buy Nothing New Month is over I hope you’ll consider your purchases from here on out more carefully & responsibly.

You can get more details inside of my book, Wealth is a Mind$et– is not just a book, but a work-book and journal all-in-one! It is your GPS to building your financial and business empire!

If you are not too sure of how to go about this, make sure to Wealth is a MindSet: Saving & Investing 


Buy Wealth is a Mind$et! You will be surprised, it might change your perception on accruing wealth responsibly.



Shynna Key,
The Financial Fanatic
Empowering You to BYE (Build Your Empire)!



Featured Image By: Jez Timms 

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