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2016 Fashion Runway Celebrates Millennial Bride

This year’s theme celebrates the identity of the Millennial Bride

Vera Wang : 

This Bridal line captures the true element of the Millennial Bride, it is all about me and let me tell you why? This edgy bride breaks all the rules, of the word ‘tradition’, she is from 2016 and she is proud of the representation and liberation of the woman’s suffrage. Yes, I can pair black peep-toe boots with my wedding gown, and no it’s not your imagination, you can see my bra. This bride has to have a smoking body to pull this looks off, and the guest list, well lets just say it must be very intimate. Skip the wedding room night, and rock this wedding gown straight down the aisle and you will take the air out of everyone’s lungs.



The more traditional bride, with heart and soul of the millennial woman. The founders Georgina Chapmen and Keren Craig, created a blushing bride from every groom’s imagination. With soft accent on fabric, using a combination of tool and lace with crystal accents.

Oscar De La Renta: 

The Oscar De La Renta Millennial Bride is “Laid Back & Chill” she know its her wedding day, and unlike many of her peers, she is going to enjoy each and every moment on her own time and pace. Oscars De La Renta, uses a mix of textiles in fabric, rough, smooth, layered, and satin print.

Angel Sanchez: 

Angel Sanchez understands the heart of the Millennial Bride, She is bold, imaginative, cutting edge, and wants to be free. Sanchez took the traditional Bride theme and transformed it into something we can all love and appreciate; Romance and the Color Pink in #PinkTober. From the floating flower peddles to the jumpsuit style sweetheart neckline wedding dress. Wether your renewing your vows or getting married for the first time, this is your opportunity to show that you are from the 21st century, and its ok to break the rules once in a while, even on your wedding day!


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