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Let the Fall Season, Come Forth. Beauty Edition

Glowing skin, seductive eyes, blush cheeks, sparkling smile and a perfect mani and pedicure.  some makeup and tips customized just for you. The surprising change of fall weather can transform your complete look. How do you measure up fully clothed with smokey eyes.

     So let us start with your face.

  • Always use primer.(It will give you a fresh look)
  • Find a perfect foundation that matches your skin type
  • Never start with foundation; why because we might need to correct our eye shadows or extend our eye lashes with mascara
  • Start with your Eye makeup

    How should you cover up.

  • Use concealer to for dark circles around your eye. (be careful, it should matches your skin tone)
  • Apply under the eyes then blend it softly.
  • Eye liner liquid preferred
  • Apply Mascara then use your an Eye lash curler is the best tool to give you an innocent look.
  • When using Mascara, remember to first apply on lower lashes and then apply on upper lashes.
  • Use Eyebrow pencil in simple light strokes over thinner spots for natural a look.  

    Illuminate your features.


  • Now Foundation, just be sure you are using the foundation is going to suit you or not. We recommend Maybelline Super Stay
  • Choose a lighter shade then your original skin colour.
  • Lightly stroke with brush or sponge to make it fixed on your face.

    How to protect your skin.

  • Acne prone skin a best tip is to conceal acne is to use a really good base cream.
  • Always sanitize your make up brushes and sponges.
  • Then follow up a good concealer for dark spots, and foundation encoded with Sunblock for all types of skin, recommended
  • Use matte face powder and concealer again just blend softly to see your youthful skin again.
  • Optional, add Blush on for the cheeks depending on the occasion, our favorite shades are light peach and pink. These two shades gives you an instant soft look and are the best used during the day.
  • Brown and bronze Blush Shades gives you a stunning bold look which are best for the evening.

Wmin20s   Make sure your Lip Gloss/Lipstick is POPPIN.

  • Always remember soft shades of lipstick with bold eye makeup.
  • Lip gloss gives a stunning look, so do not hesitate to apply.
  • Remember nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

Well these are the some makeup tips you may try for your daily work routine or parties. In next article I will give you some tips to apply the eye liner in different ways.

Stay happy and stay tuned to our magazine.

Video courtesy of : Rhaea Estelle

By Tehreem Kashif
International Trend Contributor,

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