1. Drea
    Drea at |

    Is he supposed to be the 1st CHILD African superhero? Because there have been several superheroes of African descent in Marvel and DC comics including the widely popular Black Panther who will have a movie coming out in the next few years and Storm of X-men is African as well.

    1. Mrs. Denise Williams
      Mrs. Denise Williams at |

      Hi Drea, great question. This is not a comic book, it is a story book for kids. Akiti The Hunter is an African Folklore that dates back to the 1800s passed down for generations. I urge you to read about Yoruba history and the importances of African folklores. The story of Akiti The Hunter, transcends a deeper meaning for children than the super hero with a cape character that you see on the cover of the book. I urge you to look inside, and understand the purpose for Akiti The Hunter for children that are between the ages of 0 and 5 years old.