Back to-School Savings Mindset

The 2015-2016 School year is quickly approaching! Are you ready for your scholars to return to school? I hope you planned ahead so you can budget, and catch some early bird specials.

I know every child wants everything brand new, but that is not necessary if you ask me. For instance if your child’s former backpack is still in good shape from last year and functional don’t purchase a new one. We recommend letting your child reuse the same backpack from the previous year.

Now when it comes to buying certain items that you know you can use for years, I say pay good money for good quality, because sometimes buying certain items cheap end up costing you more money because you have to keep replacing it because it falls apart quick because the quality is not good.

School supplies can really tally up fast, especially if you have multiple children. Once you get your child/children school supply list, turn it into a scavenger hunt! Go through your home and personal things, and a high percentage of the time, you may very well already have just about everything your child/children needs on that list! The goal is to always find savings on minute necessities.

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Rule #1: Before you hit the store for school clothes, take inventory 1st. Pull out clothes & shoes from last year to see what your child/children can still fit then replace things that they can no longer fit.

Rule #2: Use Twitter and Facebook to Save

Many companies send their loyal followers coupon links, and advance notice of sales. If you plan to bargain-hunt this year, then check your favorite stores’ Twitter and Facebook Updates to find deals. Follow these stores on Twitter:

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Rule #3 Host a back to school swap –

Get together with other parents in your neighborhood and swap gently used clothes, books and games.  If you are savvy shoppers and have clearance items from last year, you can trade what you have for what you need.

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Rule #4 Stick to the Teacher’s List:

Wait to see if the teacher has emailed you about the necessary School Supplies. Teachers knows best, and if it’s not on the list, You Don’t Need, It!

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*NOTE:  If you have multiple children; get the younger ones excited about hand-me-downs. So keep hand-me-downs in mind when you do go shopping so that you will avoid purchasing specific items.

Key’s Tips & Tricks

  1. Be on the lookout for back to school giveaway events.
  2. Make a checklist.
  3. Buy needs vs wants.
  4. Buy on sale items only.
  5. Shop out of season.
By London Scout

Tips to save money on back to school shopping

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