Video: 1920s through 1960s Evolution of Fashion, Hair & Make Up

Working Moms in 20s brings you the evolution of fashion, from pages of Vogue Magazine to Harper’s Bazaar.  We take a trip back in time, to explore the evolution of Fashion.

This is why we decided to give you a run down of the Styles between those times, and the famous icons from that time, that helped to put the signature styles in our history books.


Bring you ‘Mod’ and Empire Baby Doll dresses, with vibrant and fluorescent colors and geometric patterns. It is safe to say, they had a lot of fun in that decade, introducing color blocking, and taking risks with color and loose fitting styles.



Was the year of conservatism. Women work simple dress with flaring floaty skirts.  On most styles of dresses, you will find belted waistlines, with simple or patterns on full skirts. This style of dress was made popular by Lana Lobell through her first catalog launched by Hanover house in the 1950s.


Short puffed sleeves and simple a-line dresses. 1940s marked the decades when women became full fledged members of the workforce. In doing so, this was the era that introduced the high-waisted trousers, and more women went from wearing skirts and dress, to pants suits, to adapt to the work environment, and be viewed and treated as equals. Katherine Hepburn made the wide legged high waist trousers and/or slacks for women, a must have item during the 1940s era.



This was the era of satin gowns,  velvet dresses with a big emphasis on the backs out. Women were virtuous in the sense that they challenged the fashion norms of less is more by exposing their backs, and baring more skin, yet leaving just enough to the imagination.  In this decade you find a lot of draped bodices, with silk and velvet elbow length evening gloves. The women of the 40s enjoyed full length dresses that fell into a short train. Paired with satin slippers in toning colors.



Ode to the 1920s, our favorite decade of fashion.  This was the decade of the flappers style of dress. The women enjoyed headbands, tiaras,  head dresses with feathers, and lots of peals and fur coats. If you are lovers of that decade like we are, we recommend reading and watching the Great Gatsby. Women wore lots of sequins and lace gloves paired with feathered bowers. Another reason to fall in love with the 1920s, the 20s birth Coco ChanelMarlene Dietrich, and so many others fashion icons, whose name brands are still recognized today. 



By: Denise Williams
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