You Are a Brand


From now until the day you leave this earth you will create either a cyber or a paper trail that will tell the story of your life. What you wear, how you act, and what you do all contribute to the image you create of yourself.

What you wear, how you act, and what you do all contribute to the image you create of yourself. From twerking on stage, to anacondas and nude pictures, are celebrities tarnishing the unspoken “Leave something to the imagination” image of women?

You are a brand.A brand is created by the image you project to the world. With the level of technology these days, it’s very easy to find out both private and public information about almost anyone.

Prime example of this happened earlier this week, when a number of celebrity nude photos surfaced on the Internet. Regardless if the photos were a branding strategy or completely accidental, influencers like Meagan Good, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian, had their brands exposed to the world.

Believe it or not, people are going to develop an opinion about your character based on the type of image you project. Nude photos or any kind of controversial activity viewed by society could have a negative effect on your image and could ultimately limit future endeavors.

As people are scrolling down your Instagram or looking over your resume, it is likely that they are forming an opinion about your character based on what you’ve presented to the world. In Beyonce’s hit song “Flawless”, she sampled the voice of a woman named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Adichie is a successful Nigerian writer.For some spectators, Adichie’s work was completely unknown until the song “Flawless” premiered and even then many people still don’t recognize her. However, when Miley Cyrus’ began “Twerking” on the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013 it became a national trending topic almost instantly.

Why is that?Women like Sheryl Sandberg, Indra Nooyi, and Oprah Winfrey have all worked hard to protect their image and the results catapulted them into iconic success.

These same successful women didn’t share their bodies with the world, nor did they perform numerous publicity stunts like Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” music video to remain relevant in the public eye.

They achieved greatness based on their intellectual contributions and by maintaining a tasteful image. So, How are you currently branding yourself?


By: Angelissa Ross

Cultur Choque Consignment

Inspiring you to look and be your best because,
“Life is what you DRESS it.”



My take on pigment (skin color) race

Beauty in Many Shades I identify with white 
I identify with brown
I identify with red
I identify with black
I identify with yellow

If we all were birth from the same place, our bloodlines have mixed
I love Marilyn Monroe just as much as I love Warren Buffet & Steve Jobs
I love Beyonce’ just as much as I love Shakira & Incubus

I think Oprah is just as amazing as Marissa Mayer
They are all heroes and the greatest of our time
I do not believe that one would have gotten as far without the help, support, or contribution from others

I think the land of Egypt is the best representation of history, therefore I believe that the Egyptians people are beautiful.
I love the Islamic race because they respect and maintain history
I love Christianity because they accept adaptation and change
I love Buddhism because it intrigues me and carries the unknown teachings
I love Hinduism because it secures and respects the faith of animals

I delight in collaboration of cultures because it teaches you to listen and learn
I celebrate the image of perfection the parliament represents, it teaches the value of nepotism
I celebrate the art and creativity of the people of Dubai
I envy the beauty of geisha girls and their ability to remain poise and emblematic

So you see no race is different to me. Just like the feline, we are all the same specie we just come in variation of styles.

Does my writing reflect the color I am, the pigment of my skin?
If not, then it should not matter
It should not separate us
It should allow us to celebrate our differences
And oneness in the eyes of God

I identify with white
I identify with brown
I identify with red
I identify with black
I identify with yellow

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