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Protect and Serve or Shoot to Kill

The Lyrics from the 1988 song titled “F*** The Police” by NWA states, “But don’t let it be a black and a white one, cause’ […]

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Latest Beauty Secrets for Spring 2015

Spring is definitely in the air and it’s time to transition from all those deep and dramatic makeup looks into something fresh and light. Here’s […]

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Is your child safe from Sexual Predators or Cyber Bullies?

The top two priorities of all good parents are essentially the same – (1) to protect their children and (2) to provide for their children’s […]

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13 Most fashionable Working Moms

13 Most fashionable Working Mom’s who makes fashion statements on our Time lines and Magazine spreads more than often: 13.) Ciara- This new mom to […]

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Unplugged: Not Everything Comes With a Red Notification Flag

Unplugged – and I don’t mean MTV acoustics. Often time in pursuit of our dreams and career aspirations we tend to loose sights those things and […]

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Women in Pakistan

When talking about women in Pakistan a lot of confusion starts to arise, why? Because in Pakistan there are two main perspectives, those who agree […]

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Children’s Book Akiti The Hunter Hits Shelves as A Popular West African Tale is Transformed into Super Hero Book Series Author Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams Debuts […]

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Working Moms In The 1920's Photo Shoot by www.calvinevansphotosh

Video: 1920s through 1960s Evolution of Fashion, Hair & Make Up

Working Moms in 20s brings you the evolution of fashion, from pages of Vogue Magazine to Harper’s Bazaar.  We take a trip back in time, […]

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Surrogate Mother: An Act of Kindness

Working Mom: A profile of an unconventional rebel Q & A with Gabrielle Ngumezi Gabrielle Ngumezi is a twenty-seven year old Bay Area native and […]

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Working Moms In The 1920's Photo Shoot by www.calvinevansphotosh

Working Moms in 20s, 1920s Inspired Photo Shoot Video

Leading Lady: Founder of Workingmomin20s Movement, Mrs. Denise Ajayi Williams  Co Star: Hayden Williams III, Founder & CEO Skyclinic Connect & Hayden IV, 3 year old […]

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