Latest Beauty Secrets for Spring 2015

Spring is definitely in the air and it’s time to transition from all those deep and dramatic makeup looks into something fresh and light. Here’s a roundup of the latest makeup trends for Spring 2015.
1. Winged Eyeliner
 55024e5968c18_-_hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-black-liner-prada-bks-a-rs15-7536Winged eyeliner is definitely something that is associated with more dramatic looks, so it may not seem like an obvious choice for spring makeup. However, that’s exactly what makes this look so appealing. It’s unexpected and simple, yet impactful. It’s great for day with just a bright gloss, and can definitely work for evening with some falsies and a bold lip.
Winged Eyeliner:
2. Bright Lips
55024e5b1c2a2_-_hbz-beauty-ss2015-trends-red-lips-burberry-bks-a-rs15-3609Bright, bold lips are always on trend, but the thing that makes this look fresh, is using a stain rather than a fully opaque look. This keeps the bold look from coming across as too “done” and gives off the fresh, playful vibe that is so springy. Another way to keep this look from appearing too heavy is to keep the rest of the makeup pretty simple. We’re talking a tinted moisturizer and a dusting of blush or bronzer and some mascara.
3. Minimalist Nail Art
I think we can all agree that nail art is not going away anytime soon. That being said, there are new trends each season, and one that I’m actually sort of excited about is the minimalist/negative space trend. It looks more sophisticated than prior versions and may even be a DIY option for those of you blessed with steady hands and the patience of a saint.
4. Messy Hair
spring_summer_2015_wavy_hairstyles51Ok, so in all honesty, I usually sigh heavily when I see this listed as a trend. The urban sophisticate in me is like “So it’s a trend to not comb your hair?” Meanwhile, the hippy in me is like “I want to wear flowers in my hair and just be free.” This “messy” hair trend is somewhere in the middle because it definitely requires work, but the goal is not perfectly done hair. It can be achieved using a braid-out (which is great for natural and relaxed hair), a curling wand, sea salt spray, or a combination of all three. The look is wavy hair that’s not too perfect, but definitely “done.”
messy hair tutorial:

Video Courtesy of DeziredBeauty 

5. Modern Matte Skin
00280h_592x888The foundation to any look is great skin, and this season we’re seeing lots of looks featuring matte skin that actually looks like skin. I’m not talking heavy makeup at all because some newer products have made it possible to achieve light to medium coverage with a matte finish.
matte skin tutorial: captioned in english

Video courtesy of MAC Cosmetics  

What beauty trends are you planning to try this spring?

By: Adia Goss
Beauty Contributor,
beauty + lifestyle blogger ~

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Is your child safe from Sexual Predators or Cyber Bullies?

The top two priorities of all good parents are essentially the same –

(1) to protect their children and
(2) to provide for their children’s needs

The Internet makes doing both of these difficult, but it is not impossible if you know what to do.

The Internet can be very beneficial to anyone who uses it, especially children. According to the Cyberethics website ( , the Internet is “the most valuable tool in various settings of a person’s life.” The Internet has a massive amount of information and capabilities that expand children’s knowledge and education as they explore different interests, skills, cultures, etc.

Photo By: Todd Quackenbush

Unfortunately, the Internet also exposes children to dangers as they explore this vast information superhighway.

Individuals, called “sexual predators,” often use the Internet to prey on children and sexually exploit them. Sexual predators use online services to steadily work to gain a child’s trust. They entice children by offering them gifts, affection, attention and more.

**Sexual predators will listen to children’s problems and empathize with them. They also make sure that they know all the current music and other topics in which their prey is interested. These dangerous individuals do whatever they need to in the attempt to increasingly lower a child’s shyness and innocence by gradually introducing sexual concepts and topics into the conversation. Eventually, the sexual predators will try to obtain child-pornographic photos or images and/or meet the child in person.

Some parents are so concerned about the dangers of the Internet that they just refuse to allow their children to use the internet. That is not the answer. The Internet is not the problem. It is similar to the saying about guns – “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” The Internet is not dangerous. Some of the people who use it are dangerous.

**Internet Bullying resulting in suicide is also a major problem the use of internet has brought to many families. Children and teenagers have fall victim to scrutiny from their fellow classmates, leading them in path of suicide and depression. As a parent, you must take precaution and pay close attention to internet activities and your child’s  social media behaviors for their own safety.

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.
  • Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University
  • A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying
  • 10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
  • According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

Find out more visit:  Bullying & Suicide 

How to protect your Child from Cyber Bullies:

So how do parents keep their children safe? Here are a few tips from: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) :

  • Communication. Talk to your children and explain the dangers. Instruct them not to disclose personal information, not to send pictures of themselves, and not to agree to meet with someone they met on the Internet.
  • Join them. Let them show you their favorite websites and how to use them.
  • Computer Setup. DO NOT keep the computer in the child’s bedroom. Make sure it is in a common room of the house where you can see it.
  • Use Resources. Browser options contain parental controls. Parents can also purchase Internet Safety software.
    Internet dangers are real and frightening, but parents do not have to be afraid to let their children use the Internet. Parents just need to remain informed and knowledgeable and pass that information on to their children. For more information, parents can contact their local FBI office.

Find out more about Signs your child may be a victim of Bullying.

More information about protecting your family internet safety

Our hope is that with the proper precautionary methods in place, we can educate a parent and save a child’s life. Please protect your family, and do not fall prey to dangers of the world wide web.

By: Angela Lewis Contributor

Featured Image by: Jeff Sheldon 

13 Most fashionable Working Moms

13 Most fashionable Working Mom’s who makes fashion statements on our Time lines and Magazine spreads more than often:

13.) Ciara- This new mom to Baby Future did not take any time getting rid of her baby weight. Ciara can be found walking the red carpet in the hottest designer gowns with her body in perfect shape from head to toe. Ciara is a force to be reckoned with, even in her new role as mommy, she still very sexy and does not let motherhood hold her back from celebrating her femininity.

12.) Solange- The 28 year old Mother to son Juelz 9  is always fashionable and Sultry with her own unique style. The world has embraces her for her ability to connect with her soul so richly and express her vision through her music and fashion choices.

11.) Miranda Kerr- She is most notable as a Victoria Secret’s Angel supermodel, New face of Swarovski and former wife of Orlando Bloom, who through marriage birth their first son. Miranda always lands on the hottest list, one way of the other, with her girl next door looks and her amazing body, designers worldwide are always at her doorstep requesting she walks their runways.

10.) Evelyn Lozada- A reality show vixen turned housewife and entrepreneur. Evelyn has come a long way from reality show personality to business woman and a mother of two. Evelyn Lozada makes our list for hottest mom, because she truly is HOTT with two TTs.

9.) Victoria Beckham- The Beautiful wife to David Beckham and Mother of 4. Has her own Clothing line named after herself. Victoria Beckham has a high fashion line that has been successful for about 6 years  and recently opened her own store in London. She shows us that Fashion  is what she loves by always looking her very best -all the time.

8.) Heidi Klum- The Beautiful host of Project Runway and Mother of 4 continues to Look fab at 41 years. She always appears timeless and blessed with amazing genes, as she finds a way to snap back to her original weight literally minutes after giving birth. We love and adore Heidi Klum.

7.) Gwen Stefani- The No doubt singer and one of the Judges on The Voice has her own chic style but continues to Look young and vibrant even with being a mother of two and owner of her own clothing & shoe line L.A.M.B. Gwen Stefani is a rocking mom and absolutely beautiful in her own right.

6.) Michelle Obama- The First Lady continues to Look fab at every event. As first Lady of the United States, she gives mothers everywhere hope that a balance can and does exist even in the most powerful position. Her beauty exudes from within, and seeing her smile appeases the world and mothers everywhere alike.

5.) Lala Anthony- The Beautiful Wife of Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony and Mother of Kiyan Owner of her own clothing line 5th & Mercer is one of our top five picks for looking stylish and maintaining her role as mother, wife, actor, entrepreneur, and role model.

4.) Taraji P Henson- Hits our Number 4 spot with her Hit series show EMPIRE starring her alongside Terrance Howard this Mother of One always keeps it classy and elegant.

3.) Beyonce- Where do we begin. She may be even too hot for this list. This mother, singer, wife, actor, entrepreneur, philantropist. Also secures herself on the best dressed list, and manages to make headlines on a weekly basis, an achievement that is unattainable. Beyonce is beautiful, bold, a risk taker, and does not apologize for her creativity or methods she chooses to express them. We love Beyonce, she is simply beyond this world.

2.) Gisele Bundchen: Victoria Secret’s Angel, wife of NFL 2015 Superbowl Champion, Tom Brady of the Boston Patriots. Mother of 2. Gisele has also ventured into acting, but with all her many talents, we can all agree that is is smoking hot mom!

1.) Jennifer Lopez- Aka Ms. Jlo to never let us down this mom of two continues to look fabulous at 45 years old this photo speaks volume she is essentially, timeless.

By Asha Twyman
Entertainment Editor, Workingmomin20s

Unplugged: Not Everything Comes With a Red Notification Flag

Featured image: via Dubai Chronicles

By: Denise Williams

Women in Pakistan

When talking about women in Pakistan a lot of confusion starts to arise, why? Because in Pakistan there are two main perspectives, those who agree with women getting formal education and making an honest living within her household. The second perspective is opposing, and arguable is the opinion of the majority of the people of Pakistan. Who believe that the women’s place is at home, and she should tend to her children and husband’s needs instead of educating herself.

I am here to bring a different perspective, acknowledging that Pakistan has a long way to go when it comes to gender equality, however there have been women who have broken the rules and made a name for themselves.

Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize winner laureate. Born July 12, 1997. Malala is just 17 years old, already she was chosen as One of Time Magazine, 25 Most influential Teens in 2014. In 2013, she was a recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen Award. Malala Yousafzai grazed the cover of Forbes Magazine in 2014 ‘Special Philanthropy Issue known as Best In Class: The Visionaries Reimaging Our Children’s Future.’ Mala has been very adament about women empowerment, and emphasis of providing equal education rights for all women and children of Pakistani.


Ayesha Farooq 27 years old, born August 24, 1987 is the first and only female Pakistani fighter pilot. She is quoted as saying, “My mother raised me to be strong, to a point that if one day, I was left alone, I would be able to take care of myself.” And so she did. She noted a trend referenced in the Economic Times interview as stating, that there was a growing number of women who have joined the Pakistan’s defense forces in recent years as attitude towards women changes. She argues that women are becoming more aware of those rights and signing up with the air force which is another instrumental tool in the women empowerment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Maria Umar is an entrepreneur who started the first All-female virtual start-up called Women’s Digital League. This company provides digital administrative support services to customers worldwide. The women in her company are composed of at home mothers and women. Who can operate the business needs without leaving their homes thanks to the advances in technology. Some of their services include research, database mangement, event management and much more. Maria Umar has be received by the world as an international change maker ( Women’s Digital League has been featured on Mashable, Forbes, and Google business. As of recent, Maria Umar rendered her time and resources to the training of over 200 women on various online work skills.

There is a long list of successful women from Pakistan. The issue being discussed here is why can’t women get to their goals easily in comparison to men? Why can’t we have gender equality in Pakistan? Why can’t we move freely and have the same rights afforded to all human beings similar to the rest of the world? Education does not mean giving up on religious beliefs or traditional values, a balance must exist, and this is what I would like to explore further through my personal experience.

I want to tell you about my story how difficult it was to get the job and complete my educational studies. Similarly to other young Pakistani women, I was married at the age of 18 right after high school. Immediately my in-laws insisted that I discontinued my educational path. Their belief was my high school diploma was enough and my priorities should be tending to my home and raising a family. I agreed but issued a warning that I refused to lie to my parents if they inquired about my studies. My Husband and his parents were shocked, they  promised  at the time of my wedding that they would not have an objection against my studies, but they did  anyway.

After my father learned of this news he insisted that my in-laws including my husband allow me to complete my degree, and so that’s was how I started my journey. After my father’s passing I eventually had to relocate from my in-laws and husband’s home.

Having concern about my well-being, a good friend told me to join overseas Pakistan’s school, so I joined. The education I received there helped shape the future of my professional career and created opportunities for me and my children.  After leaving my husband’s home, I moved in with my mother who was a  widow and we did not have any male  figures in the family to protect us. But we managed and defended ourselves, and stayed away from confrontation. We focused our energy on the children, and making sure I completed my education degree.

With the love and support of my children and mother. I continued to advance my education accreditation and earned my Bachelors degree, in addition received admission to Masters Degree program in Education. I desperately wanted to pay it forward, I wanted to create an opportunity to teach other women and children in Pakistan and help them achieve their dreams.

Alhmdolilah I am much stronger now mentally, than I was when I  was 18 years old girl, due to the attainment of education. It is vital, and I reccommend for women and young girls, to take this opportunity to educate themselves.

I know it is a difficult journey which we must take, but we will never get anywhere if we do not standup for ourselves and become well versed on how we can defend ourselves, as well as contribute to the growth of our country.

In a perfect world, Pakistan should create laws and policies to initiate the following:

  1. Gender Equality in education and occupation
  2. Equal and Fair opportunity for basic necessities, riding bikes, driving a car
  3. More Women empowerment Programs, teaching advance skills to help compete with developed countries.
  4. Widespread programs for women and children to get education, certification, and training.
  5. Open more educational institution for all of Pakistan
  6. Vocational training for young girls to learn skills that will help them in the future.
  7. Government must make it compulsory for all girls to get education in vocational training
  8. Resolve the main issue, convenience for women to move around
  9. Laws that protect the environment in which we reside, by making it suitable for young girls and women to work. and learn, without fear of harassment and resentment from in-laws or extended families.
  10. Security and Liberty for Single Women and Mothers who want to work, educate, and support themselves.

I am proud to be a lady but really like to have more couragei n skills to help other suffering poor ladies. May God Bless us all and save us, Amin.

By Tehreem Kashif
International Women’s Right, Contributor


Children’s Book Akiti The Hunter Hits Shelves as A Popular West African Tale is Transformed into Super Hero Book Series

Author Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams Debuts Children’s Book with a Powerful Message of Endurance and First Africa Super Heroimage
AKITI THE HUNTER, is a tale that features the first super hero of his kind. The first of a five book series introduces the world to a unique hero will be released just in time for the holidays. AKITI THE HUNTER, also known as King of the Forest within the beautifully illustrated children’s read, is challenging the traditional ways super heroes are portrayed and giving children a new character to admire and emulate.

akiti promo picture


Akiti is the first developed action hero derived from African heritage, encouraging children from different backgrounds to read, and become acquainted with history and heritage. Folk tales carry meaning from culture to culture and generation to generation. Learning of them enables children to view life via a wider perspective and teaches early understanding, tolerance as well as the strong, yet simple messages to be learned behind said tales. This riveting tale in particular engages children with turn of every page as they become enchanted by Akiti’s self-determination and spirit and can be found at Barnes & Noble as a hard cover for $18.34.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“As a mother, I have a passion and desire to make the world my children grow up in a little more positive.   I want to empower the next generation to be great and believe in themselves like I believe in them.” states Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, Author of AKITI THE HUNTER.

The superhero Akiti, is unlike any other super hero and differentiating abilities such mind reading, the ability to speak any language, communicate with animals, as well as him being immortal. The first installment of the five part book series will captivate readers as they marvel in Akiti’s bravery, power, and self-confidence. There is currently effort being made, to convert the tale of AKITI THE HUNTER into animated series, and possible an animation movie in the near future.

“To my knowledge, there has never been an action hero from an African descent in any major motion animated picture, children’s book, or comic book. All of our children deserve to be represented in a positive light and I’m excited to fill that void.” Continues Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams. “There is much going on in the world where our current situations are begging us to release messages that are diverse. Children need to know no whatever they look like, they too, can be heroes; they can be legends, celebrated and immortalized just like AKITI THE HUNTER.”

For more information on AKITI THE HUNTER and Denise Ajayi-Williams please by e-mail or call (877)841-7244.

About the Author:

As a mother and founder of Working Moms in 20s Organizations, Denise Ajayi-Williams is the author behind AKITI THE HUNTER. With hopes of a positive impression, Ajayi-Williams believe everyone should view themselves as heroic no matter their place of origin. Her mission is to rewrite history one page at time and this time, be the authors of our own legacy. Ajayi-Williams open a new channel to influence viewers around the world. For more information on Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams, visit her organization website at .

AKITI THE HUNTER ISBN Number is ISBN-13: 9781909302884.


Media Contact:

Autumn Gilliam
Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR

Video: 1920s through 1960s Evolution of Fashion, Hair & Make Up

Working Moms in 20s brings you the evolution of fashion, from pages of Vogue Magazine to Harper’s Bazaar.  We take a trip back in time, to explore the evolution of Fashion.

This is why we decided to give you a run down of the Styles between those times, and the famous icons from that time, that helped to put the signature styles in our history books.


Bring you ‘Mod’ and Empire Baby Doll dresses, with vibrant and fluorescent colors and geometric patterns. It is safe to say, they had a lot of fun in that decade, introducing color blocking, and taking risks with color and loose fitting styles.



Was the year of conservatism. Women work simple dress with flaring floaty skirts.  On most styles of dresses, you will find belted waistlines, with simple or patterns on full skirts. This style of dress was made popular by Lana Lobell through her first catalog launched by Hanover house in the 1950s.


Short puffed sleeves and simple a-line dresses. 1940s marked the decades when women became full fledged members of the workforce. In doing so, this was the era that introduced the high-waisted trousers, and more women went from wearing skirts and dress, to pants suits, to adapt to the work environment, and be viewed and treated as equals. Katherine Hepburn made the wide legged high waist trousers and/or slacks for women, a must have item during the 1940s era.



This was the era of satin gowns,  velvet dresses with a big emphasis on the backs out. Women were virtuous in the sense that they challenged the fashion norms of less is more by exposing their backs, and baring more skin, yet leaving just enough to the imagination.  In this decade you find a lot of draped bodices, with silk and velvet elbow length evening gloves. The women of the 40s enjoyed full length dresses that fell into a short train. Paired with satin slippers in toning colors.



Ode to the 1920s, our favorite decade of fashion.  This was the decade of the flappers style of dress. The women enjoyed headbands, tiaras,  head dresses with feathers, and lots of peals and fur coats. If you are lovers of that decade like we are, we recommend reading and watching the Great Gatsby. Women wore lots of sequins and lace gloves paired with feathered bowers. Another reason to fall in love with the 1920s, the 20s birth Coco ChanelMarlene Dietrich, and so many others fashion icons, whose name brands are still recognized today. 


An Ode to the 1920s-1960s:

by Calvin Evans, Director, Producer, Editor

Find out more about the Director’s work Visit:


By: Denise Williams
Email Us:

Surrogate Mother: An Act of Kindness

Working Mom: A profile of an unconventional rebel
Q & A with Gabrielle Ngumezi

Gabrielle Ngumezi is a twenty-seven year old Bay Area native and she has had quite a journey becoming a wife and mother. After 6 years of marriage and giving birth to her first child, she and her husband recently decided to give the gift of life to an infertile family. Unbeknown to her religious extended family members, Gabrielle became a gestational surrogate mother to a same-sex couple from Europe and gave birth on June 22, 2014. I spoke with Gabrielle about making those tough decisions to become a surrogate with the disapproval of close family members and some friends.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: I’m a leasing consultant. I’ve been doing that for about a year. I hopped around quite a bit trying to decide what I want to do. I’ve been a stay at home mom for about a year and a half once my daughter was born. Prior to that, I worked in a group home with emotionally disturbed girls.

Q: What kind of things have you learned juggling the role of being a mother and a wife?
A: Family’s first. My family trumps any and everything. They are a top priority. I have learned that you have to become responsible. I can no longer get bored at a job and quit because I’m tired of my job, I hate my boss, or because I did not like the company of the people I work with. “You have to keep going no matter what. You have to stay strong for your family, especially for your children because they see everything you do.”

Q: We recently learned that you became a surrogate mother—Can you tell us a little bit more about that?
A: I became a surrogate a year ago. I’ve always wanted to adopt a child, provide temporary foster care, or help a family who couldn’t have a child of their own. There are two main types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. Becoming a donor was never an option because it’s too close to home. I chose to become a gestational surrogate where “I am just the carrier, it’s just my uterus. It’s not my egg it’s not my husband’s sperm. So it’s not our child.” I began that journey hopping to carry only one child and later found out that I was pregnant with twins. The twins are were born this past summer, and they are happy healthy babies; the family is from Europe and that’s where they are now.

Related: General Compensation for a surrogate mother

Q: Do you have emotional connection to the twins?
A: No I don’t. I don’t look at it like I gave up my children. I gave the children back to their parents. I was the incubator. I was the oven— I baked these babies for their parents. There was never a thought or feeling like, “ Oh, I want theses babies” it was a beautiful miracle that I helped to create.

Q: How did you make the decision to be a surrogate?
A: I was just doing the research on foster care and adopting. When I worked in the group home I was close to taking in one of the girls for temporary foster care. I was going to keep her for about six  to nine months. While her mother got her things together. My husband was all for it. During my research— because I had to get license to become a foster parent, I came across surrogacy and I fell in love with the idea of being a blessing to someone else.

Related: General requirements of a surrogate mother

Q: What was the biggest issue with your in-laws?
A: It was a combination of being Christian and their biblical beliefs. Some cultures feel shamed, “How do I explain my daughter in-law being pregnant with someone else’s child?” and I understand that. My mother was ok with it initially, until I disclosed that it was for a same-sex couple. That’s when the bible verses and the damnation came. I’ve always been a free spirit in a sense. I don’t judge. I don’t think that two men and two women can’t have the same quality of love for a child.  My mom and my family know me once my mind is made up, this is what I’m gong to do. I’m sorry you don’t agree, but hopefully you come around and they did. My in-laws on the other hand, didn’t know I was pregnant when I was pregnant. We told them what we were planning to do. They expressed their disapproval and we left it at that. After I had the Twins, weeks later they found out and at that point, it was very liberating.

Q: Would you be a surrogate again?
A: I would be a surrogate again if it weren’t for that family aspect. Things are slowly coming together on my side of the family, but a little faster than my in-laws. In their eyes, my actions  were defiant against  cultural and traditional values, which plays a huge part in their “idea” of what it is to be a mother and a wife. Giving up my body for nine months for someone else is not something that is acceptable to everyone. But I would defiantly do it again if given the opportunity. It was a great experience. No matter what people may think, live your life to the fullest.

For more details on Gabrielle’s surrogacy journey check our YouTube channel

By: Angelisa Ross
Editor & Social Media Manager, Workingmomin20s
Videography by: Antone Harrison
Tangible Productions

Working Moms in 20s, 1920s Inspired Photo Shoot Video

Leading Lady: Founder of Workingmomin20s Movement, Mrs. Denise Ajayi Williams 

Co Star: Hayden Williams III, Founder & CEO Skyclinic Connect
Hayden IV, 3 year old Son

Working Moms in 20s  

Day 1: Ainsley House Museum

Day 2: Half Moon Bay, Beach

Day 3: Academy of Art Automobile Museum

Production Crew:
The Brand Factory Photographer: Calvin Evans
Photographer Asst: Leah Lang

Videography: Antone Harison
Tangible Recordings

Her Secret Hair: Ms. Helen Owens

(510) 910-0339

2complete LEAD STYLIST:
Portia  & Shamia

Vintage Wardrobe Stylist: Dawn Whitaker
Opium Vintage Wardrobe

Working Moms in 20s Production Asst: Angelissa Ross
Culture Choque

TOP 5 Best Designers for Spring/Summer 2015

Roberto Cavalli: Escape into the Wind

Roberto Cavalli’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection was created in the true spirit of summer. The mixture of print and color creates free flowing pieces that suggest the feeling of escape. Animal prints used were contrasted by bold vibrant colors. With these looks, one can get on a flight to the Bahamas for vacation or just head to the beach with Bold colors, animal prints, stripes were explored through abstract shapes. The choices of when to show skin further supports freedom creating different ways to enjoy the hot summer weather/ breeze through long flowy gowns and other styles.

Photo Credit:


DOLCE & GABBANA’s tribute to Sicily, Italy

It was an ode to Sicily, Italy between 1516 and 1713.  Implementing a playful approach to synchronizing black, red, gold, and floral prints to create high waist shorts, embroided jackets, and bull fighting inspired capes. This mixture creates dark femininity with a hint of royalty. The use of lace adds a hint of sensuality that is perfectly married to a strong dark accent creating  a color pallet that is quit satisfying. Over all, the pieces were sophisticated and intriguiing and an amazing tribute to  Sicily.

Photo Credit:

Emporio Amani

For these looks, you can expect to see the use of Pewter, metallic, shades of blue, white, and stripes to create blazers, shorts, and pleated high waist pants. Very practical looks that can be worn in the office or in a relaxed setting.  The change of looks can occur with a new pair of shoes. Although navy blue is a dark Color for the summer it’s mixture with plaid, stripes and white causes it to have breath. Royal blue and grey.


Photo Credit:


Moshcino, entices the imagination, by bringing to life, Barbie. What would she look like in live form? Every lady in the house was brought to their youths through his expression of bright pinks, blues, polka dots, and a lot of attitude. Moshino, explores different ways he could glorify the mother of all things girly and pink. Not for the average woman, but for the bold socialite who wants to make a splash and leave and impression.

Photo Credit:


The contrast in shapes exudes power, strong sensuality, and influence. The V-necks and Long flowy luxurious pants suggest effortless sensuality. His pieces can be worn right off the runway to a boardroom, date night or any event.  He had very practical pieces that could bring out the goddess in any woman. He was successful in bringing Ready-to-wear pieces to the masses; creating sheik futuristic pieces with a sensual twist, exploring sensuality from different angles. His exploration of colors within structure and boundaries lines was refreshing and inspiring. His pieces are my favorites for the 2015 spring /summer look.


Written & Illustrated By:
Olutola Afolayan, WMin20s High Fashion Editor
@IMVCoutoure: Isimey Vintage

The Best industry News on Fashion & Beauty

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